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Mismatched Shoes by Chooze Inspire Children to Be Different! {plus a #choozecreativity DIY Memory Box Craft}

Chooze Shoes Spring and Summer Styles for Girls |
Thank you to Chooze shoes for providing the girls footwear showcased in this children's fashion feature.  All opinions are solely my own.

May is the perfect month to introduce you to a business created by a mom who was inspired by her daughter's sense of style.  Chooze shoes, who was recently featured on the Today Show, is a line of stylish mismatched footwear for girls and boys sized for infants up to big kids.  These shoes are really works of art, from the coordinating fabric uppers to the rubber outer soles, and you're child will want to collect them all.  Mine certainly did, as she had quite a bit of difficulty narrowing down her choices.

Our 8 year old daughter ultimately selected the Move in Cherish sneaker and the Twist in Blink slip-ons.  Both styles feature a cotton lining, anti-microbial removable padded insoles, and are made with 100% vegan materials.
Fun Mismatched Chooze Shoes for Kids |

The Move is a slip-on style canvas sneaker with prints available to suit your child's many moods.  The Cherish print fits my daughter's girly, fun-loving side.  This shoe matches what my daughter looks for in a footwear perfectly.  They're stylish, comfortable, and playground-friendly.  After all, what good is looking fashionable if you can't outrun the boys at recess while doing it?
Fun Mismatched Chooze Shoes for Girls |

The Twist slip-on shoe also has a canvas upper, but is made in a silhouette that resembles a ballet flat.  I find this shoe to be more classic and graceful.  The crossover elasticized bands help to keep them in place whether my energetic daughter is running, jumping, twirling, or climbing.
Be different with the help of mismatched Chooze shoes for children.  |

Although our daughter loved all the prints available for the Twist, she went with Blink because this black-based floral print would match with so much in her wardrobe.
Fun Mismatched Chooze Shoes Girls Flats  |

All Chooze rubber soles are comfortable and non-marking.  They allow my daughter to get where she wants to go, whether walking, running, or skipping, without the worry of slipping.
Fun Chooze Shoes for Kids  |

With the help of Chooze shoes, our daughter can complete her coordinated mismatched look!  She often wears two different socks or two different color earrings that coordinate with her outfit of the day.  She sometimes ventures into tastefully mixing prints with her clothes too.  I love that she is confident enough to be different!  Chooze also currently offers backpacks and lunchboxes, and our daughter is highly anticipating their upcoming line of children's apparel.  How does your child express creativity and confidence with his or her outfits?

Chooze shoe boxes are really "art boxes" made of recycled cardboard.  They are decorated with a fun print that any child, including my 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son, will fall in love with.  If you pick up a pair of Chooze shoes, be sure to help your child reuse the box to make something fun and creative.  This is what my children made with our Chooze art boxes . . .
DIY Duck Tape Memory Boxes . . . a  Chooze Shoebox Kids Craft  |

Easy Craft:  DIY Duck Tape Memory Box

Chooze shoe box
solid duck tape
coordinating patterned duct tape
thin markers

Step 1.  With the lid open, cover the front, back, left, and right sides of the shoe box with a solid colored duck tape.

Step 2.  With the lid still open, make a stripe that wraps around the four solid colored sides with a coordinating patterned duck tape.

Step 3.  Have your child color in the design on the shoe box lid with thin markers.  Your child can use whichever colors they like and color in as much of the design as they wish.  Additions of words and doodles are also encouraged.

Beyond coloring the box lid, your children can also add embellishments, such as gems, stickers, and glitter.  The more creative control your child has while decorating their art box, the more they'll cherish the finished product.  What would your child put inside their memory box?

To learn more about Chooze and their mission, visit