3 Things to Do Before Going to See Planes #FireAndRescue in the Theater (plus a Bookmark Craft!) #MagicAtPlay #MC

Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans Boys #FireAndRescue Collection | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay
I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl's. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.

The long-anticipated sequel Planes: Fire & Rescue opens in theaters today!  Having heard from many parents that this will be their little one's first trip to the movies, I wanted to share some fun ways to make this important first a fun and memorable experience . . .

1.  If your child has not seen the original Planes movie, then you will definitely want to buy, rent, or stream it for him or her before going to see the sequel.  This will give your child a chance to get to know Dusty and the other characters, as well as understand what experiences have brought Dusty to this next point in his life.  If your child has already experienced the first film, they are likely anxious to watch it again before seeing the second movie, like all three of my children are.

Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans Boys #FireAndRescue Collection | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

2.  Dress your child for the occasion! The Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans line has expanded its Fire & Rescue collection quite a bit since it's unveiling last month.  The collection includes tees, shorts, long sleeve knits, fleece active pants, hoodies, and some exclusive limited edition styles, as well.  While shopping for the perfect outfit to wear for the movie, whether online or at your local Kohl's department store, take this opportunity to pick up some of these playground-friendly mix-and-match pieces for back-to-school!

When I took our 7 year old son to shop for his movie outfit, he had such a difficult time deciding.  In fact, he just started picking up one of everything!  When it comes to the styles, colors, and graphics for this line, Jumping Beans really hit the nail on the head as far as knowing what boys his age really like.
Limited Edition Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Smokejumper Parachute Tee at Kohl's | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay
Exclusive Limited Edition Disney Planes Smokejumpers Parachute Tee by Jumping Beans®
As a Kohl's customer, you can bring your Planes Fire and Rescue movie ticket stub into Kohl's from 7/18/14-7/26/14 and receive $10 off your Kids Apparel purchase of $25 or more, in-store only. See below for details:

Full Disclaimer:
Offer valid for one-time use 7/18/14-7/26/14. In store only. One Kids apparel merchandise coupon per customer. $10 offer valid on a minimum $25 pre-tax purchase of Kids apparel merchandise. Dollar-off discounts applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. No cash back. Offer not valid for price adjustments on prior purchases. Excludes sales tax. Photocopies or duplicates not accepted. Return value of merchandise purchased with $10 coupon will be subject to adjustment. See store for additional terms and details. Go to http://oak.ctx.ly/r/1d462 for more details on the promotion and http://oak.ctx.ly/r/1d45x for more information on Planes Fire + Rescue apparel.
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

3.  Pick up a Planes:  Fire & Rescue storybook or activity book to help build the excitement for your child until the big movie day arrives.  This will also give your child a chance to become familiar with some of the new characters introduced in this film.  It also is a perfect excuse to encourage your child to read by offering him or her a new book about a topic you already know they find to be fun and engaging.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After we got our Disney Jumping Beans Fire & Rescue apparel home, I noticed the super-cool Disney and Planes-themed tags that were on each item of clothing.  They were just too cool to throw away and that's how I came up with one of the easiest crafts ever.  When you get home with your Fire & Rescue items, be sure to hang onto your tags too!  (One cut-out Mickey tag and one Planes tag comes on each clothing item.)
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Easy Craft:  Mickey Mouse and Planes Fire & Rescue Bookmarks

Disney Jumping Beans Fire & Rescue retail tags
glue stick
washi tape
narrow ribbon or yarn
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Step 1.  If you have two Planes size/price tags, apply glue to cover the entire orange side of one of the tags.  Then bring the two tags together, orange sides facing each other, with the holes carefully lined up.  Then press firmly until secure.  Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes.  (If you only have one Planes tag and one Mickey cutout tag, then skip to the bottom for alternate instructions.)
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Step 2.  Carefully cover the size information at the bottom of the tag with a piece of washi tape (see image above).  Be sure to position the tape so that it is parallel with the bottom of the tag.  Then flip the tag over and do the same thing on the second side.
TIP #1:  If your washi tape is thin and you can still see the size information through the tape, then simply add a second layer of tape on both sides.
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Step 3.  Using scissors, carefully trim off the excess tape, following the shape of the tag.
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Step 4.  Fold a piece of ribbon or yarn (approximately 8 to 10 inches in length) in half and feed it through the hole at the top of the bookmark.  Then bring the two cut ends through the loop you've formed and pull tight to secure. Trim the ends with scissors to make them even.
TIP #2:  For added security, I tied an additional knot right on top of the bookmark.

Step 5.  To make bookmarks out of your cutout Mickey tags, simply follow the instructions in Step #4.

If you have an odd number of tags, meaning one cutout Mickey tag and one Planes tag, you can still make a great bookmark.  Simply color the orange side of the Planes tag black with a permanent marker or cover the majority of it by gluing black construction paper to it.  Then apply glue to the black side of the cutout Mickey tag and glue it to the once-orange side of the Planes tag.  Again, be sure to line up the holes before pressing the two sides together.  Then you can pick up the instructions at Step #2.  When you're done, you should have a fun bookmark with a Planes theme on one side and a Mickey silhouette on the other!

If you like this easy craft, be sure to Pin It for later . . . 
Kohl's Disney Jumping Beans #FireAndRescue Collection Bookmark Craft Tutorial | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com #MagicAtPlay

Have fun at the movies!

Design Your Own Notebooks, Placemats, and Other Personalized Gifts at Ink Garden

Personalized custom placemat | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com
Thank you to Ink Garden for providing personalized gift samples for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I love getting personalized items for our home, so when I learned about Ink Garden, I was excited to see their custom printed products for myself. They have hundreds to choose from - anything from office products like mouse pads and business card holders to blankets and pillowcases. If you have a need, there’s a good chance that Ink Garden can supply it.

One of the first things I noticed about Ink Garden was their prices. They have very reasonable prices for such high-quality, personalized products with many items under $20. With such a wide variety to choose from, there is something for everyone. I decided to make personalized placemats for my family and a little personalized journal for myself.

Personalized gifts at Ink Garden | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com

Ink Garden is simple to navigate, so finding my chosen category was very easy to do. Once I chose my items, making them was simple too. You can use their pre-made templates or completely customize your item, including adding your own photos. I chose to use text and Ink Garden’s stock clip art for our placemats and just went with a basic template for both items. I had everything made to my desire within 30 minutes. Checkout was a breeze as well.
Personalized gifts at Ink Garden | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com

Our items came within a week and were very well packaged and obviously very high quality. I was truly impressed with how great these were! The placemats are thick and laminated with sturdy plastic so they will not tear up even with daily use and washing. The journal’s cover is made with thick plastic and the spiral binding is very high quality as well. The colors are vibrant on all the products. These are truly great quality items.
Personalized journal notebook | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com

If you have a need for personalized products, check out Ink Garden for yourself at www.inkgarden.com.

CTC Math is an Excellent Program for Our Homeschooling Needs!

CTC Math program for homeschooling | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com
Thank you to CTC Math for providing a sample math curriculum membership for us to base this homeschooling review upon.  All opinions expressed are our own.

Since we started homeschooling, we have tried around 10 math programs. My oldest son finally found a program he liked, but it was only available for 6th grade and up. So, my quest has been on for a great program for my 7-year-old second grader, Quinn. I came across CTC Math one day after yet another program failed and I liked what I saw on their website. They were kind enough to provide us with a one year trial, which kept me from having to invest in yet another program after previous experience has made me skeptical as to whether any program would work out for our needs.

As soon as we got our trial, I got Quinn started. We looked around to see how the program was formatted and how to use it.  Then we jumped in. He’s had serious issues with math; he’s good at it but really, truly hates it. We’ve had many, many tears shed (by us both) over math in the past, so I was ready for the battle. Quinn was immediately happier with it simply because it’s compatible with the iPad, as he believes anything that can be done on the iPad is inherently fun. Immediately we liked the man who does the lessons. He has a smooth, natural voice that makes the math seem unstressful. Plus, he’s Australian, so that’s always more interesting. We did a couple of simple lessons with things he already knew to ease him into this new program.

CTC Math program for homeschooling | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com

Since the first lesson, math has been much easier on us both. Quinn really does like the program, even if it doesn’t necessarily make him love math itself. Each lesson is short, approximately 2-5 minutes, and has 10 accompanying questions to gauge progress. I set his “passing grade” as 80%, which means he needs to get 80% or higher right to move onto the next lesson. I love that it’s customizable and each parent can decide what is acceptable to them. I also love the layout of the parents' and kids' pages -- both are very easy to navigate. I do wish CTC had a “lesson plan”, of sorts, to keep him on track. I just ended up making my own so he could do his lessons on his own. Independence is good.
CTC Math program for homeschooling | www.3Garnets2Sapphires.com

We’ve been using this program for over a month now and we’ve had a couple of minor speedbumps along the way with Quinn not wanting to do math, but our overall experience has been excellent. I like everything about the way CTC Math is run and think it’s an excellent program for homeschoolers or kids who just need some extra math practice.

You can learn more about the program, view sample lessons and demos, and find out pricing for your family at www.ctcmath.com.

List of Super-Easy Recipes!

List of Super-Easy Recipes | www.3garnets2sapphires.com
For your convenience, please find a directory of all the easy recipes that have been featured on 3G2S below.  This page will be updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark it.

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