A New Natural At-Home Fertility Treatment Option . . . #TheStork for Women

This post about a natural fertility treatment option was sponsored by The Stork and The Motherhood. All opinions expressed are my own.

Our children are now 10, 7, and 7 (yes, we have twins), but I have not forgotten what an emotionally draining time it was for my husband and I when we were trying to conceive over the coarse of several years.  After a year of semi-actively trying, we decided it was time to speak to a doctor, which was when we started our long journey of eliminating and identifying the cause of our fertility problems, like the other 1 out of 6 couples who have difficulty conceiving in the United States.

During my initial blood work panel, I found out that I had Grave's Disease, which caused my menstrual cycles to be longer and sometimes irregular, making it difficult to know when or if I was ovulating.  I ended up taking a fertility drug to make my body ovulate for several months before we became pregnant with our oldest son.  Each month we got another negative on a home pregnancy test made us less hopeful, but it finally happened.  During this time, I was also offered another drug to induce my menstrual cycle to start on a certain day of the month.

Trying for a sibling was an even longer road.  I had a dye test to check for blockages in my tubes.  My husband was tested for a low sperm count and low motility.  Because I had a tipped uterus, we tried implantation, which involved getting a sperm sample at home, rushing it over to the doctor's office, where he would process the sperm to "wake them up" before they were implanted in me with what seemed like a giant turkey baster.  When we finally did get pregnant, it ended in a loss of twins, where one was ectopic.  Then nearly a year later, we became pregnant with beautiful boy-girl twins.

If The Stork for Women by Rinovum had been available back then, we definitely would have asked our doctor for a prescription to try this less invasive at-home treatment before resorting to fertility drugs.  Although we would never trade our twins for anything, when we made the decision to start on medication, we just accepted the risk as the price of conceiving.  The fact was that, if we had a choice while we were still trying, we would have opted for the choice that did not offer the risk of multiples.  We were not financially prepared for twins.  Our house was too small (and still is).  Our car could not fit 3 car seats.  We knew all this, but were willing to accept the price.  Even though your doctor may recommend both fertility drugs and using The Stork, I personally would have wanted to try to conceive without the drugs for the first 2 or 3 months before going on a drug regimen.

#TheStork for Women Natural Fertility Treatment

More about The Stork . . . 
  • The Stork is currently FDA authorized for prescription use, however, you can expect to be able to purchase The Stork without a prescription later this year through Rinovum or Amazon.com, and eventually over-the-counter at your local CVS Pharmacy.
  • This product requires no drugs, injections, or surgeries.
  • The Stork is made of safe implantable grade silicone.
  • This product uses a condom-like collection of the sperm and a tampon-like delivery.
  • The Stork costs $79 for one treatment or $210 for the recommended 3 treatments per ovulation period. (Compared to $1,000 to $20,000 per cycle for other types of fertility treatments)
  • The Stork is not currently an insurance-based program.
I think The Stork is a very timely product.  It can help both traditional and non-traditional couples who need help conceiving.  With the increasing number of women waiting until they're older to start trying and the growing number of same-sex couples, The Stork is a much-needed product.

To learn more about The Stork, watch the video above and visit www.thestorkforwomen.com.  Also, look for updates on Facebook and Twitter about when The Stork will be available over-the-counter.

Parents and Children Enjoy the Spring Weather with Easy-to-Assemble Guillow's Gliders (Prize Pack Giveaway)

Family fun with easy-to-assemble Guillow's Gliders
Thank you to Guillow's for providing sample toy planes and gliders for us to base this review upon and for providing additional products for our giveaway prize.  All opinions expressed are my own.

My boys have recently gotten very interested in making paper airplanes, so when we were offered an assortment of Guillow’s gliders, I knew they would be really excited and they were not disappointed. These gliders are made of plastic, foam, and/or balsa wood, so they are lightweight and fly great, plus they were very easy to assemble. We assembled all of them within 10 minutes.

Easy-to-assemble Guillow's Gliders

Guillow sent us a variety of these simple planes, seven in all (the small ones came as a set of 2), and my boys have played with them for hours.
Family fun with easy-to-assemble Guillow's Gliders

The gliders really fly very well and far, and they’ve had fun launching them and seeing who’s could go the farthest or fastest. They have literally spent hours playing with these airplanes.
Family fun with easy-to-assemble Guillow's Gliders

We’ve had a few “fatalities”, as in the airplanes have broken, but most of them are still in great condition after all that play time. The materials used are fairly sturdy, but because they have to be light enough to fly, they will not last forever. While they do last though, they are tons of fun. My kids (and husband, I won’t lie) have really, very much enjoyed playing with these and they will continue to have fun with these for as long as they last.
Outdoor fun with easy-to-assemble Guillow's Gliders

These Guillow gliders are recommended for ages 8 and up because of small parts. They have many varieties of airplanes, rockets, and other gliders on their website, www.guillow.com. All seven of these gliders combined retail for $19.75, so these are easy on the pocketbook as well. In fact, Guillow has toys starting at $1.79. Visit their website to see their full selection.

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Try This Shrimp Scampi Tortellini Kabobs Recipe for a Make-Ahead Easy Dinner #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This #EasyPrepMeals shop has been compensated as part of a meal solutions social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.
Make-Ahead Shrimp Scampi and Tortellini Kabobs Dinner #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias
You all know (probably because I complain about it often) that our household is a very busy one.  Two things that results from this hectic lifestyle are ordering takeout far more often than we should and serving the same easy dinners week after week.  Even though those meals are favorites around here, we are in desperate need of new dinner ideas to help us get out of this rut, especially for those weekdays when we don't get home until 7pm after being at Taekwondo classes for two hours.

Recipe creation is not my strong suit.  I usually need some inspiration from something I see on another blog, on Pinterest, or a new product that has caught my attention, like Campbell's Sauces.  These sauces come in several varieties both for skillet pan dinners and slow cooker dinners.  It's meal solutions such as this product that get my brain working on new ideas for quick dinners that my husband and I can prepare for our family.  Checkout our latest recipe for a meal you can mostly prepare ahead of time and have for dinner tonight with very little prep time . . .

Easy make-ahead shrimp dinner with the help of Campbell's Skillet Sauces #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

Recipe:  Shrimp Scampi Tortellini Kabobs + Dipping Sauce

Campbell's Scampi Skillet Sauces (1 pouch for every 3 people)
2lbs large uncooked shrimp (shelled and deveined)
10oz whole Bella mushrooms (halved)
20oz package of fresh rainbow tortellini
1lb cherry tomatoes (washed and dried)
shaved or shredded Parmesan cheese
1 Tbsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 Tbsp butter
6" bamboo skewers
Campbell's Skillet Sauces and Slow Cooker Sauces at Stop and Shop Supermarkets #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias
Campbell's Skillet and Slow Cooker Sauces at Stop & Shop

Tip:  The tortellini, shrimp, and mushrooms can be prepared ahead of time.  If you choose to cook some or all of those ingredients in advance, store them in the refrigerator tightly covered on or off the skewers.  Then simply warm them in the microwave before serving.

Step 1.  Boil water and cook tortellini per package instructions.  (Do not overcook so that the tortellini will stay intact when skewered.)  Then drain and set aside.

Step 2.  Put 2 Tbsp olive oil and 2 Tbsp butter into a skillet over medium heat.  Add minced garlic.  Saute over medium heat until garlic is fragrant.  Add shrimp and saute for approximately 5 minutes or until shrimp becomes opaque.  (Do not overcook.)  Remove shrimp from heat and set aside.
How to prepare a make-ahead Shrimp Scampi Tortellini Kabobs dinner #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

Step 3.  If you haven't already done so, wash the mushrooms and cut them in half.  Then in a separate skillet (or wash the one you used for the shrimp) melt 2 Tbsp of butter and saute the mushrooms for approximately 10 minutes over medium-high heat.  Remove from heat when mushrooms are tender and set aside.

Step 4.  Using your 6" skewers, create kabobs of shrimp, tortellini, mushrooms, and uncooked cherry tomatoes.  (You can customize your kabobs to each family member's preferences.  Our youngest son doesn't like mushrooms, so I made several kabobs without mushrooms.)
Shrimp Tortellini Mushroom Tomato Kabobs #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

Step 5.  Pour the contents of your Campbell's Scampi Skillet Sauces pouch (or pouches) into a saucepan. Over low heat and while stirring, heat the sauce until warm and smooth.  Remove from heat and spoon into individual dipping bowls.  Allow sauce to cool for 5 minutes.  Then sprinkle shaved or shredded Parmesan cheese on top.

Step 6.  Briefly rewarm skewers in the microwave and serve immediately with the Scampi dipping sauce on the side.

This meal is great served with garlic bread or a salad.  The whole family enjoyed it (young picky eaters included).  The best thing is that you can make the skewers ahead of time, so all you'd need to do is heat the dipping sauce on the stove and warm the skewers in the microwave to get this delicious and quick dinner on the table on a busy night.  The garlic bread and salad are optional.  For those, we almost always opt for frozen garlic bread and Caesar salad in a bag.
Shrimp Scampi Dipping Sauce for Tortellini Shrimp Kabobs #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

Of course, you can make your own variations of these Shrimp Scampi kabobs to fit your own family's tastes.  What else would you add to your kabobs?

If you like this dinner idea, be sure to Pin It for later . . . 
Easy make-ahead Shrimp Scampi Kabobs dinner #EasyPrepMeals #shop #cbias

If you are look for more dinner ideas, visit your local Stop & Shop or Giant Supermarket for an in-store demo on Saturday, May 3rd.  The demos will take place in select locations, so be sure to call your local store to check if there is a demo scheduled in advance.  Also be sure to checkout all the delicious-looking skillet pan ideas and slow cooker ideas from Campbell's Sauces on Facebook!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Overindulging with a Trio of Cakeballz Ready-to-Eat Cake Balls!

Cakeballz ready-to-eat cake balls
Thank you to Cakeballz for providing complimentary cake balls samples for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then you will love Cakeballz. These bite-sized treats come in three delicious flavors . . . Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake, that are sure to satisfy any sugar craving. These mini cakes are perfectly sized and come in a package of three so you get all the deliciousness of fresh cake without all the guilt. Cakeballz are moist balls of cake covered in hard chocolate and sprinkles; and they are yummy!

I expected the Cakeballz to be good, but I had no idea they would be as tasty as they are! They were really fresh and moist and all three flavors tasted awesome. The chocolate and birthday cake flavors were my personal favorites, but my husband loved the red velvet. I wasn’t disappointed in any of them at all. A package of three is perfect to satisfy my craving without making me feel like I'm overindulging, plus I really am satisfied, so I don’t go out searching for more sweets once I’ve finished. These are also very handy for taking on-the-go or in lunchboxes because they are small and not messy. My kids loved them and have already asked when we can go buy more.

We really enjoyed trying these and I will undoubtedly be buying them in the future to snack on. You can find Cakeballz at many Walgreens stores nationwide. Visit their website at www.cakeballz.com to find a Walgreens that carries them near you.  You can also keep a lookout for Cakeballz coming to your local 7-Eleven stores in May!

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