Sunday, August 23, 2015

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5 Easy Back-to-School #StraightAStyle Hairstyles for Girls

Complete her back-to-school wardrobe with Goody #StraightAStyle hair accessories!
Thank you to Goody Hair for sending us their line of back-to-school hair accessories plus a gift card to complete our daughter's back-to-school wardrobe.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Our only daughter will be starting 3rd grade this week!  Where did the time go?  She has changed so much in just a few short years.  She's always loved to feel pretty, but something I've noticed recently is her growing patience to take care of herself.  She's doing a better job washing her hair thoroughly and combs or brushes it without being reminded (most of the time).  She used to ask to have her hair cut short so she wouldn't need to sit through pulling her hair back for school or those dreaded detangling sessions.  This summer, she asked me not to cut her hair before school starts.  She's even brushing her own hair out before letting me know that she's ready to have her hair done. Goody Ouchless brushes make that easy!
Goody Hair Ouchless Hair Brush #StraightAStyle
If you're like us, sometimes you're in a super-rush in the mornings.  There's not always time to do anything special with our daughter's hair, so I always have a few go-to hairstyles that have proven to be cute, but practical, and more importantly quick to complete.  You can see them below along with one or two others we had experimented with during the summer.

5 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Long Hair . . . 

1.  Headwrap with Skinny Braids - This pretty hairstyle looks great on long, straight hair.  We started off with a crocheted Goody headwrap.  I pulled flower Goody Glam mini elastics through the holes in the crocheted headwrap for some added fun (totally optional).  Then I pulled the hair out of the headwrap at her temples, created one skinny braid on each side, and secured them with Good Girls Ouchless mini elastics.  The last step is to wrap the two braids around towards the back and secure them together with a flower Goody Glam mini elastic.
Easy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Headwrap with skinny braidsEasy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Skinny braids

2.  Long Braid Side Pony - For this easy hairstyle, start by parting the hair on the opposite side from where you plan to tie the ponytail.  Starting as close to the part as possible, create a medium size braid all the way down to at least 3 or 4 inches from the end of the hair and secure it with an Ouchless mini elastic.  Then gather all the hair, including the braid, in a low ponytail on the side opposite of the part and secure with a colorful Goody Girls Ouchless ribbon elastic.
Easy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Long braid with side pony

3.  Crown of Mini Bows - If your daughter is tired of simply pulling the top and sides of her hair back with an elastic or hair clip, this is a fun way to change up that look.  All you need to do is to tie 4 to 6 mini bunches of hair back at the top of the head with Goody Girls mini elastics with bows.  These elastics are super-cute with a crystal at the center of each bow!  Be sure to space the bunches of hair evenly around the top of the head above the forehead.  Then pull the top of the hair back, as usual, using a Goody ribbon elastic.
Easy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Crown of mini bow elastics with crystalsEasy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Sparkly ribbon elastics

4.  Front to Side Twist - This is one of my favorite hairstyles for my daughter.  It's pretty and can be done in 20 seconds or less.  Start with parting the hair on the side.  Then take a small piece of hair, starting at the part, and twist it twice away from the forehead.  Next, add another small piece of hair and give the hair a couple more twists.  Continue to do this until you reach the temple.  Then twist the hair several times and secure it with a Goody Straight A Style contour snap clip on the side.
Easy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - 20 second hair twist

5.  Half French Side Braid - I think this hairstyle is my daughter's favorite.  No more plain ponytails on P.E. days!  For this one, you'll need to start with a side part.  Begin braiding hair at the part and add pieces of hair from along the forehead as you braid (just like a French braid, but only adding hair from one side).  Continue this until you've incorporated the hair above the ear.  Then switch to a standard braid and secure with an elastic.  We used the Goody ponytailer elastics with beads for a little extra sparkle, but any color Goody Girls Ouchless elastics that match her outfit would work.
Easy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Half French side braidEasy #StraightAStyle hairstyle for back-to-school - Half French side braid for girls

Like these easy back-to-school hairstyles? Pin This for later . . . 
5 easy back-to-school #StraightAStyle hairstyles for long hair

Which easy hairstyle is your favorite?  If you have a favorite easy back-to-school hairstyle, please share it with us below!  Also find more easy hairstyle how-to's by visiting Goody Hair on YouTube.

You can find Goody Straight A Style hair accessories at Meijers and Walgreens for approximately $3.99 to $4.99.  Be sure to pick up these and other Goody Hair accessories to complete your daughter's back-to-school wardrobe!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

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What's Left on Your Summer "Wouldn't It Be Fun?" List?

Supplies for DIY floral wreath craft
Where we live, school begins in a few weeks.  Although I'm looking forward to having the children return to school and regaining much-needed quiet during my workday, I would also welcome some extra time to finish all the things we had on our "Wouldn't it be fun?" list.  You know . . . those things that pop into your head that you may even have purchased supplies to do with the best of intentions, but never actually got to them.

What's left on my family's list this summer?
  1. Wouldn't it be fun to make tie dye shirts for the whole family?  I found a great deal on a large tie dye kit on Amazon last month!  I was super-excited and even bought a white t-shirt for each member of the family at A.C. Moore a couple of weeks ago.  That's as far as I got.  THERE'S STILL HOPE!
  2. Wouldn't it be fun to make slushies anytime we wanted to?  I bought the ice shaver machine to grind up the ice before summer began.  I bought some red punch this week and started to make extra ice this morning.  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  3. Wouldn't it be fun to make our own taco shells and experiment with different fillings?  I bought a pan to make our own taco shells out of corn tortillas at the beginning of the summer.  That's as far as I got.  Unless my husband takes the lead on this one, IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD!
  4. Wouldn't it be fun to make a framed dollhouse miniature version of my daughter's artwork?  I bought an antique looking dollhouse miniature picture frame many months ago.  That's as far as I got.  If #7 happens, then THERE'S STILL HOPE!
  5. Wouldn't it be fun to make our own cinnamon and sugar tortilla bowls to serve ice cream in?  I bought two wavy tortilla shell pans a year ago from a school fundraiser.  I really think think our children would love this dessert idea.  With so many other fun things on this list, this one seems sort of low priority, doesn't it?  IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD!
  6. Wouldn't it be fun to get our oldest son into building model cars?  He bought the model a couple of weeks ago from A.C. Moore.  He even used his own money.  My husband and he started to paint the parts one evening.  It looked like it was a great father-son activity.  They haven't touched it again since.  (The same thing happened with the robotic arm my son got for Christmas.) We need to teach our son to finish what he starts!  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  7. Wouldn't it be fun to build our daughter a dollhouse that can hang on the wall?  We bought this cool, but simple hanging dollhouse kit for our daughter since she began showing an interest in collecting dollhouse miniatures.  My husband and daughter started building it, but then we had a mishap with the scrapbook paper he was using for the wallpaper.  When we went to buy more, the craft store was out of that particular print.  Two weeks later, we were able to find it back in stock.  We bought the paper, but they haven't touched it since.  Between the kit and the supplies, we've spent well-over a hundred dollars on this dollhouse.  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  8. Wouldn't it be fun to clean out the basement and have a place for the children to practice Taekwondo and perhaps have a ping pong table?  If possible, there might be more things in the basement now than at the beginning of the summer.  IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD!
  9. Wouldn't it be fun if we had a Disney fund jar?  We think the children are around the perfect age to go to Disney, but we need to save quite a bit of money for the trip.  This is something we'd like to encourage the children to participate in.  I bought the personalized vinyl decal and I already have an old-fashioned reach-in candy jar I can use for this.  You know, the kind that sits tilted with a round knobbed lid.  I think every time I read the instructions for applying the decal, it seems so technical that I put it off for later.  I just have to sit down and do it!  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  10. Wouldn't it be fun to let our youngest son loose on the beach with his metal detector?  He got a kids metal detector for Christmas, so we're all set there.  Now we just have to get to the beach.  We have a trip planned before school starts.  If we don't forget to pack the metal detector, we'll be all set.  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  11. Wouldn't it be fun to take the whole family to New York City for the weekend?  We've said this multiple times throughout the past year or two.  That's all we've done is talk about it though.  The next step would be to reserve a weekend when we don't already have plans, find kid-friendly hotel accommodations, buy the bus tickets, plan an itinerary, and  . . . IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD!
  12. Wouldn't it be fun to turn this closet into a book nook for the kids? This is my latest "Wouldn't it be fun?" thought.  Well, I actually planned it out and ordered just about everything I need to set it up.  We're almost done emptying the closet out and my husband just bought paint and supplies to give the closet interior a fresh coat.  I'm super-excited about this project, as are the children.  I'll definitely take photos of our progress and share them in a blog post when we're done.  THIS WILL HAPPEN!
What items on your list fall into the categories of THIS WILL HAPPEN, THERE'S STILL HOPE, and IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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What Does King Richard & Queen Anne Have Planned for You at the 2015 King Richard's Faire? #KRFaire

King Richard and Queen Anne of King Richard's Faire
Photo courtesy of King Richard's Faire
Thank you to King Richard's Faire for providing press passes for our family to attend this Massachusetts Renaissance faire.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Attending the local Renaissance Faire in Carver, Massachusetts has become a family tradition for us.  The opening weekend of the 2015 King Richard's Faire, scheduled for the weekend of September 5th (Labor Day weekend), will be our family's 5th visit to the Faire!

Our whole family is looking forward to seeing the Big Cat Show, Jacques Ze Whipper, the jousting, and more.  It's just so nice to relax and enjoy the overall jovial atmosphere of the Faire. Oh, and shopping!  We all love browsing through the vast variety of artisan shoppes.

What events do the King and Queen have on this year's schedule?

Weekend 1:
  • Saturday (9/5) - "Carver Day" (All Carver, MA residents admitted free with proper ID)
  • Sunday (9/6) - "Military Appreciation Day" (Military personnel admitted free with proper ID)
  • Monday (9/7) - The Faire is open on Labor Day!

Weekend 2:
  • Saturday (9/12) - "Cleavage Contest" at 4pm (Participants must be 18 years or older with proper ID.)
  • Sunday (9/13) - Rain date for Cleavage Contest

Weekend 3:
  • Saturday (9/19) -  "Vow Renewal" at 4pm on the King's Stage performed by the Faire's ordained minister
  • Sunday (9/20) -  Rain date for Vow Renewal

Weekend 4:
  • Saturday (9/26) - "Game of Thrones" Fan Fest Day & Trivia Contest at 4pm on the King's Stage
  • Sunday (9/27) - Rain date for Game of Thrones

Weekend 5:
  • Saturday (10/3) - "Prince & Princess Costume Contest" and "Prince & Princess Meet & Greet" [NEW] at 4pm on the King's Stage (Participants must be 11 years old or younger.)
  • Sunday (10/4) - Rain date for Prince & Princess Costume Contest and Meet & Greet

Weekend 6:
  • Saturday (10/10) - "Men in Kilts" at 4pm (Must be 18 or older)
  • Sunday (10/11) - Rain date for Men in Kilts
  • Monday (10/12) - The Faire is open on Columbus Day!

Weekend 7:
  • Saturday (10/17) - "Fairies & Pirates Costume Contest" and "Prince & Princess Meet & Greet" [NEW] at 4pm on the King's Stage (Participants must be 11 years old or younger)
  • Sunday (10/18) - Rain date for Fairies & Pirates Costume Contest and Meet & Greet

Weekend 8:
  • Saturday (10/24) - "Adult Costume Play Contest" at 4pm on the King's Stage
  • Sunday (10/25) - Rain date for Adult Costume Play Contest

King Richard's Faire 2015 is open every weekend between September 5th and October 25th plus Labor Day and Columbus Day!  Visit to buy tickets, get driving directions, view the entertainment schedule, and more.