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My Obsession with Color Street Started 2 Months Ago

  If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw this post below, sharing my very first experience with Color Street nail polish strips.  My friend had asked me to try them a few months before that, but I wasn't very interested.  My nails were strong and healthy, and I was used to painting them every 6 or 7 days myself.  What changed my mind about trying them months later was a nailfie (nail selfie) she shared of some really cool looking nail art.  I LOVE nail art, but was never able to apply professional looking nail art to my own nails without going to a salon.  So, I picked out a set that caught my eye, and the rest is history . . .

What exactly are Color Street nail polish strips?

1. Color Street strips are 95% dry real nail polish in an easy-to-use peel and apply format.
2. There is ZERO dry time.
3. There are no tools required for applying these nail strips. Watch this video to see how easy the application process is.
4. Color Street says one manicure can last up to 10 days without chipping.  Personally, both my 12 year old daughter and I have gone up to and past 10 days without seeing one chip.
5. Color Street sets are affordable!  Each set ranges in price from $11 to $14 per set, not including any current promotions.  Also, the strips are double-tipped, so I can do both my nails and my daughter's nails with just one set.
6. There are over 130 expressive colors and designs to choose from, and the selection is updated every fall/winter and spring/summer season. Check out all the colors here.
7. Color Street products are made in the U.S.A.

Color Street Bordeaux Glitz and Lisbon Nights  |
Color Street nail polish strips in Bordeaux Glitz and Lisbon Nights

After about 6 weeks of loving Color Street, I decided to become an Independent Color Street Stylist.  I am not really a direct sales kind of person, but I really love this product, so I figured I would share it with my friends and family.  Some of my readers have followed my blog for over 10 years, and know that I am genuine in my feelings about the products I share.  I sincerely believe that most everyone who tries this product will love it.  Once you try Color Street, you'll never go back to using nail polish from a bottle.

If you'd like to try Color Street for yourself, visit or join my 'Love Nail Mail' VIP Facebook group to request a free sample and to enjoy VIP member perks.  I came up with that name because I always get so excited when I'm expecting nail mail!

Check out some of my recent nailfies below . . . 

Color Street Bordeaux Glitz Nailfie  |
One of my favorite Color Street shades is Bordeaux Glitz.

Color Street Whole Latte Love Nailfie  |
My Color Street manicure in Whole Latte Love

Color Street Whole Latte Love Mother-Daughter Manicures  |
Our first mother-daughter nailfie

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