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Easy DIY Duck Tape Storage Bins with Printable Labels { a Target Dollar Section Craft }

Dollar Section Duck Tape Storage Bin Craft  |
This is a super-easy craft that I did almost a year ago.  I got the bins and most of the solid and patterned duck tape from the Target Dollar Spot.  Having seen these bins in other colors in the Target dollar section recently made me remember that I never did share this project with our readers.

What made me decide to make these bins was the fact that our children are little hoarders.  You would not believe me if I told you some of the strange things we've found in their beds.  I finally realized it was a losing battle to keep their beds free of their most cherished books, toys, and random things.  These storage bins were the best solution I could come up with for our twins, one who sleeps on the top of a bunk bed and the other in a loft bed.  The twins would be able to keep some things in their beds as long as they could be stored neatly inside these bins.

Easy Duck Tape Craft Project:  Decorated Storage Bins for Kids


square or rectangular plastic storage bins
coordinating solid duck tape
printable labels (provided below)

Dollar Section Duck Tape Storage Bin Craft How-To  |

Step 1.  Print the labels below or make your own to print out in the fonts and colors of your choosing using any text or graphics program.

TO PRINT:  Be sure your printer is on and ready to print.  Click on the image below to enlarge.  Then right-click on the image and select print.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.
Dollar Section DIY Duck Tape Storage Bin Printable Labels  |

Step 2.  Cut out each label you will be using for your bins.
TIP #1:  Remember to leave enough room around edges for the washi tape frame to overlap with your label.

Step 3.  Using your patterned and solid duck tape, create one, two, or three stripes on the front (the side on which the label will be) of the bin.  You can get as creative as you would like with the colors and widths of your stripes.
TIP #2:  For a neater appearance, start your tape on the inside wall of your bin, where the side and bottom meet.  Then be sure to wrap the other end of the tape around the outside bottom of the bin with at least 2 or 3 inches.
Dollar Section Duck Tape Storage Bin Craft Tutorial  |

Step 4.  Position your label at the center of the front of the bin and secure it in place with a frame of washi tape.

That's it!  These colorful bins would be perfect for your child's room or playroom.  You can change this craft into something more elegant for your own bedroom, craft room, or living room simply by changing the prints and colors of duck tape and washi tape you choose and the font on your labels, and even the type of bins you use.

Want to try this easy craft?  Pin it for later . . . 
Easy Dollar Section Duck Tape Storage Bin Craft  |