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Turn Your Favorite Book Series Into a Unique Set of Miniature Dollhouse Books {Easy Craft}

Turn a favorite books series into a set of DIY miniature dollhouse books.
 About a month ago, my 8 year old daughter decided she wanted to begin collecting dollhouse miniatures.  Our local craft store has a small section devoted to them and they've caught her eye on more than one occasion.  She has begun a variety of different collections in the past . . . buttons, rocks, fortunes, and Pok√©mon cards, to name a few.  Unlike the others, this is a collection I can wrap my mind around.  Dollhouse miniatures are works of art when done well and they don't take up very much space.  They're also available for a wide range of prices and could certainly fit an 8 year old's budget.

I admit that I find it fun to look for unique dollhouse miniatures in stores and online.  Although I swore I would not fund my daughter's collection for her, I did purchase one or two that struck me as being special.  Then I got the idea for surprising her with miniatures that are truly unique, ones that I make just for her.  That's how I came about making this super-easy dollhouse miniatures book series craft.  My daughter is an avid reader.  Among her favorites are the historical fiction American Girl book series.  I've found many of the 6-story volumes used in fantastic condition on Amazon.  I suppose you could say she collects those too.  That's why I decided it would be extra special for her to own a miniature set of American Girl books.

EASY CRAFT:  DIY Set of Dollhouse Miniature Books

printer paper
white glue

Tutorial for a set of DIY dollhouse miniature books based on your favorite book series.

Step 1.  Measure the size of the front cover of your miniature books.

Step 2.  Find the images of the front covers of the books from your or your child's favorite book series.  Save them to your computer.  If you're able to find images of the back covers, save those to your computer as well.

Step 3.  Using any graphics program, reduce the size of each cover to fit the size of your book covers.  It's best to do this in high resolution (300dpi) so that the images can be as crisp as possible when you print them out.
TIP #1:  If your book cover is slightly larger than your books, you can always trim them at the edges.  For best results, try to avoid making your cover images smaller than the actual books.
How to make your own set of miniature dollhouse American Girl books.

Step 4.  Print out all your front and back covers.  Then carefully cut out each one with scissors.
TIP #2:  To save paper, paste all your covers onto one 8.5" x 11" image prior to printing.
Easy craft for making your own set of miniature dollhouse American Girl books.

Step 5.  Position the first back cover image over the back of the book with the binding to the right-hand side.  Trim the image if necessary.  Then apply a very thin layer of white glue to the back cover of the book and apply the back cover image.  Be sure to smooth out the cover and press down to secure.  Repeat this with the back cover images for the rest of the books in the series.
TIP #3:  It is important to use a very thin layer of white glue.  This allows the glue to dry within minutes.  It also helps to avoid any spreading or dripping of the glue, which could be messy and unsightly.
Step 6.  Position the first front cover image over the front of the book with the binding to the left-hand side.  Be sure the front cover image matches the back cover image.  Trim the image if necessary.  Then apply a very thin layer of white glue to the front cover of the book and apply the front cover image.  Repeat this with the remaining front cover images for each book in the series.
Easy craft for making your own set of miniature dollhouse American Girl book series.

When I presented this set of miniature books to my daughter, she was delighted.  These books were made just for her and she knew she would never be able to find them in a store.  I think they would look precious displayed in a miniature dollhouse bookcase.

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Easy craft for making your own series of miniature dollhouse books.

What book series would you use in this dollhouse miniatures craft?