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Review: Shred Sled Shox Scooter

battery-free toysAlmost a year ago, our now 6-1/2 year old son tried out his first scooter. It was during the middle of fall, so he did not get to ride his new scooter very much before the snow and ice came along. Luckily his new Shox Scooter from Shred Sled was better-timed and arrived for late summer, so our son will be able to enjoy riding his shock absorbing scooter throughout the next three months.

Shred Sled, the creator of the original jointed 4-wheel in-line caster board, is a name that is associated with extreme sports. Since I had to put my foot down that our son was too young for a Shred Sled, he was utterly thrilled to be able to ride a scooter created and designed by the same company.

Our son is not a hardcore biker or skateboarder, so he had to start off slow. That being said, he did travel much faster on the Shox Scooter than he did with his previous traditional scooter.

I have to say that this scooter seems very structurally sound. It is made mostly of aluminum and steel. The Shox Scooter actually only weighs about 7lbs, so it is easier for a child to handle. I like that the deck has good traction because I do worry about my son's foot slipping, which could cause him to have an unwelcomed fall. I also like that the foam handles are thick and easy to grasp.

There is a foot brake at the rear wheel that can be activated with the heel, if necessary. The polyurethane wheels seem to be extremely durable.

The handle height is adjustable. We did have a slight problem where the handle was jammed too far in during packaging. My husband had to pound on the handle repeatedly before it would allow him to extend the height. Luckily, this did not damage or affect the scooter's performance in anyway.

I was very pleased to find that our son grew comfortable on the Shox Scooter right away. Because he weighs under 50 pounds, he really could not feel the shocks at work. He would really need to go airborne and land before he would feel the bounce. He is working up to that, but is not quite there yet. The scooter does fold compactly in half, so we can easily fit it into our already packed car for trips to the park.

The Shox Scooter retails for $59.99 and can be found on, as well as at major toy retailers, such as Toys R Us and . You can also find out more about this product by visiting The Shred Sled on Facebook.

Thank you to The Shred Sled for sending us a sample product free of charge to base this review upon for this Team Mom campaign.