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Living Green With Jerinda: Clementine Art Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

Clementine Art is a company that has vowed to be ‘Green’ and offer safe, eco-friendly art supplies. Their full line of simple, wholesome, and clean art supplies have all the ingredients they need, none that they don’t, and it’s all listed right there on the box, something most companies do not do. They contain only natural ingredients and are certified as non-toxic and adapt to CPSIA requirements. They also come packaged in recycled stock and printed using soy ink from a wind-powered facility.

We had the opportunity to try out their amazing paint which is colored with Earth-based pigments and contains no dyes or additives, a feature that is very important to me.

I was really pleased with the paints. They were creamy and smooth and glided right onto the paper. We have used them both as finger paints and with a paint brush and both worked very well. My sons had a great time using them and I felt good knowing they were safe and chemical free. Also, they did not stain our fingers or my son’s shirt, which he got some red on.

In addition to the paint, they have modeling dough, markers, glue, crayons and unique crayon rocks for younger children. All their supplies are natural and non-toxic and are from a company you can trust to be Earth-friendly.

You can order select products on, but you can also find Clementine Art supplies locally. Visit their site to view the long list of retailers, which includes Whole Foods. You can also find out more about these products on the Clementine Art blog, the Clementine Art Facebook page, and from Clementine Art on Twitter.

Thank you to Clementine Art for sending us sample products free of charge to base this review upon.