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Review: Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover

Two nights ago, our daughter had a little accident right around bedtime. She somehow tripped and managed to hit her mouth on the train table. As a result, she had quite a boo boo on her gums. It was not until the next morning that I noticed the bloody saliva that had dripped from her mouth onto the front of her pajamas the night before.

By the time I had noticed the stains, they had already been set in. So I put the pajama top aside for when I had time to treat it with something. It ended up being a full two days before I had time to come back to these stains. This was the perfect opportunity for me to see how well the Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover worked against blood.

I followed the directions on the bottle and sprayed the stain remover right onto the stains. I did not need to scrub, but I did need to blot the stained areas. I used a clean white paper towel, but I'm sure a cloth would have done just as well.

After completing the spraying, waiting, and blotting ritual four times, the stains were almost completely gone. I also achieved similar results using the Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover on pen ink that I found on one of my daughter's doll outfits.

Although I am extremely pleased with the results, it did take my using almost the whole bottle of spray to make these two stains almost completely disappear. At $4.99 per bottle, I do think it is worth the money, especially if you are using the product to salvage something that is important to one of your children.

In addition to purchasing this product locally, you can also now place your order for this and other Oxi Clean products on .

This article was written for a campaign run by the Family Review Network, who arranged for Arm & Hammer to send us a product sample to base this review upon.