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Review: WordWorld's My Fuzzy Valentine (DVD)

If you are looking for an alternative to candy as a gift to a child for Valentine's Day, WordWorld: My Fuzzy Valentine might be a good option. WorldWorld is a PBS Kids television show, which features animals that are built out of letters. Depending on the child's reading level, I think a child up to 6yrs old would find this show engaging.

This particular WordWorld DVD features two Valentine's Day themed episodes . . . "My Fuzzy Valentine" and "The Love Bug". "My Fuzzy Valentine" focuses on the concept of rhyming. It does an excellent job of explaining what it means to rhyme in a clear and concise way. Then the concept is reinforced with multiple examples executed by the WordWorld animals.

"The Love Bug" focuses on spelling. Although the lessons in spelling contained in this episode are important, there is an underlying theme which is equally, if not more, important. This episode shows the viewer that everyone can spell with a little practice. I think children who are having trouble mastering the skill of spelling may find this episode to be encouraging.

This DVD retails for just $6.99 . You can currently order it on the NCircle Entertainment website for just $5.99 . Look for more WordWorld DVDs and other PBS Kids DVDs on .

Thank you to NCircle Entertainment for sending us a copy of this DVD to base our review upon.