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Convenient Coupons with the MobiQpons Phone App

The words "coupons" and "convenience" are rarely heard in the same sentence because there is really nothing convenient about clipping, storing, sorting, organizing, and carrying coupons. Remember when we thought printable coupons was the great new thing? Then came coupon codes sent via email and text messages. Well MobiQpons has given retailers a way to offer you promotional discounts with a new coupon phone app. The best part is that the retailers pay, but we the consumers can receive these offers for free (aside from the normal service charges from your mobile carrier).

MobiQpons is a smart way for retailers to draw consumers into their specific location. There are so many retailers competing for the same customers. This phone app is a way for one business to convince you to choose them over their competitor by offering you a special discount. As an added bonus, you can browse the list of discounts by store on the MobiQpons website on your computer or a phone with web access. There you can snag coupon codes and printable coupons for multiple ways to save.

Currently this phone app is only available for the iPhone. Versions for the Android and Blackberry are coming soon.

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