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From Raymond to The Middle

One of the reasons why I loved the show Everybody Loves Raymond was because I sympathized with Patricia Heaton's character. Her circumstances included a power struggle with an intrusive mother-in-law who thought she knew best when it came to her sons and her grandchildren. I'm sure many women could relate to that. Now Heaton has taken on a new role as Frankie Heck (gotta love that last name) on ABC's new dark comedy "The Middle".

Heaton's new character reaches out to an even broader range of women. Frankie is an almost middle-aged wife and mother of 3 who is stretching herself too thin and has let herself go while taking care of her family. Ahem . . . sound familiar? Her family is not rich by any means, but they are also not poor. They do have their share of problems, but they are not completely unhappy. They are what you might say, stuck in the middle.

You can catch the pilot episode of "The Middle" on Wednesday, September 30th at 8:30pm.

I have volunteered my time to watch the Pilot Episode of The Middle and I am not being paid for this post, however I was given an opportunity to view the show prior to air by Warner Bros.