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Peter Walsh Shares Tips on Getting Organized for Back-to-School

In August of 2008, Office Max brought to us an informative blogcast featuring Peter Walsh, an organization expert you may recognize from TLC's Clean Sweep and the Oprah Show. The topic of the blogcast was how to get your child and your child's environment organized in order to maximize his or her performance upon starting school again this fall.

The key points of the blogcast were as follows:

1) Find the Vision you have for a Space
2) Make Organization a Family Value
3) Use the Right Tools for Great Organization

1) Show that you Value Organization
2) Establish Clear Limits and Routines
3) Always ‘Finish the Cycle’ (Complete a Task)

1) Establish Clear Routines
2) Involve Kids with Classroom Organization
3) Use Words, Pictures and Color to help Organize

Since my son is entering kindergarten this fall, he will not be carrying much in his backpack and will not have a desk or a locker of his own. The part of the blogcast which applies to us the most is organizing at home. My son's desk has become a catchall in recent months, so in the next two weeks before he starts school, we will need to clear off his desk and reorganize his closet. We need to make a space to store the work he brings home from school that he wishes to keep. The mountain of papers and projects he had brought home from preschool was a huge problem for us. We most certainly need to resolve this storage issue before school starts.

Some of the top tips I heard from Peter regarding preparing for back-to-school were . . .

  • Take an inventory of what school supplies you have before you run out to purchase more.
  • Envision what you would like your organized space to be like before your purchase any organizational products, rather than buying a whole system of products and then attempting to make it fit your space and your needs.
  • Make organization a part of everyday life for your family. (In my case, I am the only person in my household who makes a place for everything and then actually puts things back where they go.)
  • Use colors and pictures to help organize your child's space.
  • Finish what you start. (My husband is famous for cleaning something and then leaving the roll of paper towels and spray cleaner in a random place.)

Please take a minute to watch Peter Walsh's blogcast below. You will most certainly learn at least one new thing to help your child be more organized.

When you are out looking for all the items on your child's required school supplies list this summer, stop by Office Max to check out the "Schoolio Von Hoolio" back-to-school product line. This coordinating line is adorable and includes folders, notebooks, binders, report covers, note pads, pencils, clipboards, and more.

Thank you to Office Max for inviting us to take part in Peter Walsh's blogcast and for sending us samples from the new back-to-school line.