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Kindergartner-In-Training: Introducing Parts of Speech

I know you must be thinking it is jumping ahead to teach a kindergartner the parts of speech. That is not really what the goal is. The main goal is not to have my son look at a word and be able to tell me it is a noun or a verb, but rather to train him to come up with different nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This would help his storytelling skills and just being able to express himself better in general.

Mad Libs is the tool I chose to use to accomplish this. I know that there are Mad Libs Jr books available, but since he is not filling out the book himself, I chose this Clone Wars book of Mad Libs because I thought it was a theme that would interest him. If I had to choose again, I would have chosen a more general theme. I personally do not think that the completed Mad Libs were as fun to read because they were so specific to Clone Wars. Luckily, my son is familiar enough with the characters, so this book still worked out fine for us.

Below you will find a Mad Lib we completed just a few days ago. All the answers are Jake's own words.

When we first started using Mad Libs at the end of June, it took Jake awhile to get the idea of what an object, a describing word, and an action word were. Now 6 weeks later, he can offer answers quickly when prompted for any of those. He even corrects me when I ask him for a describing word by saying, "You mean an adjective, MumMum?"