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Review: Dive Olly Dive: Ship Shape Sub (DVD)

Because we never seem to catch Dive Olly Dive at the right time on Sprout, it is a special treat for my 5yr old son to be able to review this DVD. Most of the episodes were new to him even though they may have previously aired on television.

Includes the following 5 episodes:

Haunted Ship Prank
Less is More
navigation Consternation
Follow That Lobster
Don't Tell Beth
(Approximate Running Time 55 mins.)

What my son and I thought about this Dive Olly Dive DVD:

1) I was amazed at how much my son was absorbed in each storyline. He was able to recount to me what occurred in each of the 5 episodes without any problems.

2) The artwork remind me of a modern day Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

3) Each episode is only about 11 minutes long rather than 20 minutes. This helps the story to move along quickly and my son does not have a chance to test his attention span.

4) Last time my son and I watched Olly together, I walked him through the life lesson each episode was trying to bring across to the viewer. This time, it was my son who explained to me how small things can sometimes help big things, how one needs to practice and work hard to become really good at something, and that it's okay to admit you've made a mistake because nobody is perfect.

I am pleased to find that this cartoon is appealing to my 5yr old son even though his taste has already begun to move towards watching animated series, such as Speed Racer and Clone Wars. It says a lot that my son heard every word and understood every lesson these Dive Olly Dive episodes had to offer.

You can find Dive Olly Dive DVDs on NCircle Entertainment and other places both online and locally where children's DVDs are sold.

Thank you to NCircle Entertainment for providing us with a review product free of charge.