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Product Review Policies

Policies Regarding Product Reviews & Giveaways:

Review product samples will not be returned. We do use each product in order to write a comprehensive and thorough review. Any exceptions must be agreed upon by the editor prior to sending the product sample and the PR firm or business will be responsible for the return shipping and handling.

Review samples are never offered as contest prizes. All giveaway prizes must be brand new first quality products.

We write honest product reviews. If we are unable to write a balanced review about a specific product, the PR professional or business owner will be notified and will be able to opt out of the review and will have the option to pay for the return shipment of the product sample when possible.

PR professional, brands, or business owners are responsible for shipping prizes to giveaway winners. Any exceptions must be agreed upon by the editor prior to shipping the product. Any contest prizes sent to us without prior agreement will most likely be donated to a charity. As a result, the contest will not take place.

We are not obligated to review items that are sent to us without prior knowledge. Such items will likely be donated to charity.

Interested in a giveaway only? If you are not interested in having your product reviewed, but are interested in having a giveaway (without an accompanying product review) hosted on this site, a $25 fee will apply.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to become familiar with these policies.

PLEASE NOTE: Although I occasionally invite carefully selected guest bloggers and guest reviewers to contribute content, all articles, reviews, and giveaways involving product or payment provided by a sponsor are arranged by this site's owner alone. Please be wary of any other parties claiming to contact you on behalf of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires.