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Giveaway Entries & Prize Policies

Policies Regarding Entering & Winning Giveaways:

Entrants must 18+ and reside in the country specified.  Please read the giveaway rules for specific geographic requirements, which may vary between giveaways.

Winner selection is random.  All winners are determined by a random number generator, usually using Rafflecopter, unless otherwise noted within the contest post.

All entries are verified.  Entrants will not be eligible to win a contest unless you complete the described mandatory initial entry.

Valid email required.  All winners will be notified via email.  In addition, the winning entry will be displayed on the Rafflecopter widget within the giveaway post.

Claim within 48 hours. Each winner has 48 hours from the time the notification email is sent to reply to claim their prize. After 48 hours, we reserve the right to award the prize to another randomly selected entrant.

This site not responsible for the actions of the giveaway sponsor. If a prize is not received, has been lost in transit, or is broken or defective, we will make every effort to contact the sponsor on the winner's behalf, but will not be held responsible for providing an identical or an alternate prize to the winner nor will we be expected to compensate the winner in any way.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to become familiar with these policies.