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About My Blogs

3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires is authored by a full time work-at-home mom and will be housing a limited number of fashion and tech product reviews and giveaways going forward. In addition to the previously mentioned, here are some of the content topics you can look forward to when you visit this blog . . .

Easy Recipes (Recipes with few ingredients and steps)
Simple Crafts (Simple crafts for adults)
Shop 'n' Share (Reports about my latest finds in fashion and more)
Tech Tips (All things about technology and gadgets)
Silly Monkey Stories (Silly stories and photos of our 3 children)


9 Cool Things

9 Cool Things is where we share all the cool finds we come across online, whether it be blogger content (with owner's permission), gift ideas, or something else.  Each post will provide you with not one, but nine cool finds, making this blog a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration.


A Blog of Goodies

As the sister site to 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires, this site has evolved into a shopping blog where Karen shares her online window shopping finds.  A Blog of Goodies is also the home of "Gimme Giveaways" where bloggers can list their current contests for free 24/7.