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50 More Fun Things Kids Can Say to Alexa (Amazon Echo)

50 MORE fun things kids can say to Alexa (the Amazon Echo)  |  3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

About a year ago, I published 50 Fun Things Kids Can Say to Alexa.  It was a challenging list to put together, although the process was quite fun.  Since a year has gone by, I decided to see how many new things I could add to this list.  I can't imagine what Alexa is thinking when I tried asking her some of the silly things that popped into my head.  Here's what I came up with . . .

50 More Fun Things Kids Can Say to the Amazon Echo:

1.  "Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?"

2.  "Alexa, how many more days until Christmas?"

3.  "Alexa, what do you want for Christmas?" (Ask her multiple times.)

4.  "Alexa, who let the dogs out?" (Ask her multiple times.)

5.  "Alexa, help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi" (from Star Wars)

6.  "Alexa, every time a bell rings . . ." (from It's a Wonderful Life)

7.  "Alexa, Hey, diddle, diddle." (from Mother Goose)

8.  "Alexa, twinkle twinkle little star." (From classic nursery rhyme/ song)

9.  "Alexa, how tall are you?"

10.  "Alexa, how old are you?"

11.  "Alexa, how much do you weigh?"

12.  "Alexa, who is your best friend?"

13.  "Alexa, what is your favorite color?" (Ask her multiple times.)

14.  "Alexa, what is your favorite ice cream?"

15.  "Alexa, do you like to dance?"

16.  "Alexa, who did you vote for?"

17.  "Alexa, what is black, white, and red all over?"

18.  "Alexa, who are the seven dwarfs?"

19.  "Alexa, do you like flowers?"

20.   "Alexa, do you like chocolate?"

21.   "Alexa, who are Santa's reindeer?"

22.   "Alexa, do you fly?"

23.   "Alexa, do you sing?" (Ask her multiple times.)

24.   "Alexa, do you sleep?"

25.   "Alexa, do you like Star Trek?"

26.   "Alexa, who is your favorite super hero?"

27.   "Alexa, who stole a cookie from the cookie jar?"

28.   "Alexa, do you speak French?" (Works with any language.)

29.   "Alexa, what are your New Year's resolutions?"

30.   "Alexa, what is on your bucket list?"

31.  "Alexa, who you gonna call?" (from Ghostbusters)

32.  "Alexa, do you have any pets?"

33.  "Alexa, will you marry me?"

34.  "Alexa, who is man's best friend?"

35.  "Alexa, where do you come from?"

36.  "Alexa, what is your favorite Star Wars movie?"

37.  "Alexa, it's nice to meet you."

38.  "Alexa, I am one with the force." (From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

39.  "Alexa, will you be my Valentine?"

40.  "Alexa, who sings _______?" (Fill-in the blank with a song title to test Alexa's knowledge)

41.  "Alexa, who wrote _______?" (Fill-in the blank with a book title to test Alexa's knowledge)

42.  "Alexa, who was _______?" (Fill-in the blank with a famous person from history)

43.  "Alexa, where does Santa live?"

44.  "Alexa, who is your hero?"

45.  "Alexa, what is the longest word in the English language?"

46.  "Alexa, do you rap?"

47.  "Alexa, good morning!" (Also try afternoon, evening, and night)

48.  "Alexa, what's for dinner?" (Also try breakfast and lunch)

49.  "Alexa, who is your favorite Star Wars character?"

50.  "Alexa, what is your dream job?"

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If you've discovered even more fun things kids can say to Alexa, please share them with us in a comment here.