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4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Tweens

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Thank you to Mixbook for sponsoring this post about thoughtful gift ideas for tweens. All opinions expressed are my own.

We have not one, but two tweens in our house!  Our twins turn 10 this January, and are growing increasingly difficult to shop for when it comes to gifts.  It's such a tough age because they are no longer little kids, but they are not yet teens.  Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts you may consider for your tween . . .

1.  Custom Poster - If it's time to take down the little kid posters from their room, a cool custom poster would make the perfect gift.  Choose a special photo of a person, place, or thing, and have it printed on a large poster that fits that empty wall space.  Regular posters work fine, but an acrylic or metal poster print would look super-cool on your child's wall, not to mention they would be more durable than the standard poster.  Some fun subjects for a poster would be your child and his or her BFF, your family pet, or a special place that holds wonderful memories for your child.

2.  6" Tablet - If your child is too young for a smartphone, but finds a full-size tablet to be too cumbersome to carry around, then a smaller 6" tablet might be the solution.  A tablet, like the Fire HD 6, is about the size of a large smartphone, making it super-portable.  With an Android OS, your child will have a plethora of apps to choose from without having access to a smartphone.  Be sure to include a tablet case with your gift.  Most are quite inexpensive, so it's a no-brainer to add that extra protection.

3.  Experience Gift Card - A gift card is always a safe gift for anybody on your list, but what about giving a gift card or gift certificate for something your child can experience?  How much fun would it be for your child (along with a friend or sibling) to create a painting, paint pottery, take a cooking class, experience Taekwondo classes, learn about archery, etc . . . ?  The possibilities are endless, and the memories made from experiencing something new will last forever.

4.  Photo Calendar - If you like our idea of a custom poster, but are having trouble narrowing down the subject matter to just one, a custom photo calendar is a smart solution.  A calendar is the perfect gift for your tween because he or she is starting to have 'plans' to keep track of.  Having a place to record play dates, study dates, team games and practices, dance recitals, and friends' birthdays will also help your tween to feel more organized.  When the year is over, you can frame each photo from your calendar to make a photo wall in your child's room.

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Have a fun and thoughtful gift idea for tweens?  Share it with us in a comment here.