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10 Easy & Useful Ways to Use Chalkboard Decals in Your Home

Thank you to KiDECALS for providing complimentary product samples to help facilitate this post.

While shopping in the home furnishings department in local stores, I have been noticing chalkboard signs incorporated into everything from storage baskets to spice jars.  I loved the ideas, but I didn't like the prices.  When I saw the chalkboard decals on, I had a "eureka" moment.  I started thinking about all the things on which I could use these decals, which only cost $10 for a sheet of 12 (6 of the 3" and 6 of the 4").  There are also various shapes available.  The ones I used are the Chalkboard Cloud II Labels.  Since KiDECALS was nice enough to send me some chalkboard labels to play with, I was able to experiment a little.  Here are some of the ideas I came up with . . .

1.  Flatware Caddies - For parties and other gatherings, you can place these chalkboard decals on any type of smooth container.  I found the little pails pictured above in the Target dollar section.  They were the perfect size for holding forks, spoons, and knives.

2.  Wine Glass Markers - For parties, put chalkboard decals on acrylic wine glasses, flutes, or tumblers.  Then mark each glass with the guests' names or initials.  Since the decals are dishwasher-safe, you can reuse these chalkboard drinking glasses for the next party.

3.  Home Office or Craft Room Storage - I'm a big fan of using photo boxes for storage on shelves because I can label them and they keep the contents out of sight.  Sometimes those boxes just are too large to hold small items.  That's when smaller labeled jars or buckets can come in handy.  They would look very neat all lined up on a shelf.

4.  Rainy Day Jar - Everyone has something they are saving up for, whether it's a vacation or just mad money.  Place a chalkboard decal on a jar and write what you're currently saving up for on the front.  That way you'll be reminded to make an effort to add to the fund each time you see the jar.

5.  Playroom Storage - These chalkboard decals would be very handy to hold things like crayons, markers, and more.  You can write the name of what belongs in the container for organization or you can write each child's name for personal containers to keep each child's belongings separate.

6.  Mud Room Storage - If you have a mud room, you may have large bins that hold different things depending on the season.  Use these chalkboard decals on bins to label them with their purpose, such as mittens and hats, umbrellas, wet socks, balls and frisbees, etc . . .

7.  Bake Sales - If you participate in bake sales several times a year for school or other organizations, then it would be a time saver to label the side of your reusable containers with chalkboard decals rather than having to make hand written signs for each item you contribute baked goods.

8.  Easy Personalized Teacher's Gift or Get Well Gift - The acrylic stemless wine glass pictured below only cost me $1.99 each at Target.  They would make cute shatter-resistant vases to hold fresh flowers for your child to present to their teacher at the end of the school year.  The would also make thoughtful get well gifts.  It's easy to personalize the vase with a chalkboard decal to make it more special.

9.  Place Cards and Favors - A little personalized vase or glass would make an elegant place card at a wedding or a dinner party.  They could double as a favor for the guest to take home.  You could place a fresh flower or chocolates inside.

10.  Kitchen Treat Canisters - In our house, we use stainless steel canisters with glass lids to store cookies.  You really cannot tell what is inside each canister without picking it up and looking through the lid (or asking Mom).  Using chalkboard decals on these canisters would make it clear what kinds of treats are currently in each canister.

If you have other ideas for using chalkboard decals, I would love to hear them.  Feel free to share them with me and other 3G2S readers in a comment below.