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The Pocket Scavenger . . . a Newly Released Children's App for iOS and Android Devices

Thank you to the Penguin Group for providing a complimentary product sample for us o base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

We are tech people here at my house, so almost any time we are offered an opportunity to try a fun, educational, or innovative app for our iOS devices, I am intrigued. The Pocket Scavenger is an app that meets all the above criteria. With The Pocket Scavenger, you are asked to search out and use your device’s camera to find a whole spectrum of oddball items, such as a part of your body, something small, a used envelope, and more. Once you find your assignment, you can choose an “alteration” to it or photograph it as is. The alterations are sometimes simple, but sometimes require a bit more creativity to accomplish. Once you have photographed the item, you can then add a story or interesting information, and then map it and share with Twitter or Facebook. Then you find a new assignment and start all over.

To say this app is fun is an understatement! It really got us up and moving and seeking out seemingly random items to add to and complete our list. It has tons of different ideas so you can constantly be playing and reusing the lists with new and different items. We have used this indoors and out and even made our own challenges like only searching in the living room or doing our entire scavenge from our seat. We’ve had a great time using this app and we will be using it even more in the future.
This app is based on The Pocket Scavenger book. You can find this app on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.