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My Photos: Our Baby Turned 9!

This weekend, our first-born turned 9 years old!  I really thought it would be like any other birthday, but it was more bittersweet than I had expected.  I realized that our son is no longer a little boy, but is now a young man.  He is officially a 'tween.  Although I am slightly sad, I am also very proud of how Jake has turned out.  Because he is the oldest, he was the one we tested out parenting strategies on and he still turned out to be extremely intelligent, handsome, outgoing, and has such a good heart.

We will be celebrating all 3 of our January babies' birthdays by going to Coco Key Water Park this month, but we did go out to TGI Friday's (our son's choice) for dinner after a trip to the LEGO Store to spend some gift cards our children had received for Christmas.  After dinner, we sneaked in a trip to Toys"R"Us to spend a couple of gift cards he had received for his birthday.  According to Jake, it was a great birthday!

Instead of birthday cake, the children each had "Cups of Dirt", complete with chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreos, and gummy worms.  Jake also received a birthday serenade from the TGI Friday's crew.

Time for gifts!  I'm surprised Luke could keep what his gift was a secret from Jake for so long.

Jake has been wanting the board game Sorry since he had so much fun playing it at the Boston Social Media Holiday Party.

This was the perfect birthday card for our Fruit Ninja fan!

I just couldn't wait for Jake to see the memory box I had designed for him from the Paper Coterie.  I think he thought it was pretty darn cool!  (I think the Toys"R"Us gift card we tucked inside made it even cooler.)

If I'm feeling this way now, I am probably going to be a wreck when he turns 10 next year . . .

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