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Silly Monkey Stories: Look Out! He's Going to Burst!!

Recently, I shared photos of our oldest son's birthday dinner, including the first photo below.  I had to save the rest for today's Silly Monkey Story because they were just too priceless.  Our nearly 6 year old twins had asked me the morning of their big brother's birthday about when he would be opening his birthday presents.  When I told them it would be after dinner, they were so disappointed.  You see, they each got Jake a gift for his 9th birthday and were extremely excited to give it to him, especially Luke.  However, I did not realize how excited Luke was until we were at dinner that evening.

We had just finished dessert and Jake was getting ready to open his first present.  Luke insisted that his gift be the first to be opened.  I think the photos will show you just exactly how excited he was better than I could ever describe with words.  (Please ignore the chocolate pudding all over his face.)

What made it even more excruciating for Luke was that my husband had told Jake not to make a mess with the wrapping paper in the restaurant, so Jake was being particularly careful (and slow) while opening his gifts.  I seriously thought Luke was going to explode if Jake took one second longer to open his gift.

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