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3G2S "Top Picks" 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

1.  Custom Personalized Paper Coterie Memory Box ($36.00) - This is a 10x10 Memory Keeper Box that resembles a book.  It can be completely customized with your own photos and text on the front, side, and back.  I love how it looks like a book and can keep precious keepsakes easily hidden because it would fit right into any book collection on a shelf.  I chose to create a Memory Box for our oldest son as a tribute to his being an extraordinary big brother.  On the back of the box, I added a photo of our son when he was just 2 days old, plus a special message from my husband and myself.  This 10" square box is approximately 2" deep and would make a wonderful gift box to hold something like a stock certificate, a savings bond, a gift certificate, or a gift card.  I think this would make an especially perfect gift for a teen who will be studying abroad or heading off to college soon, who will want to take along special keepsakes to remind him or her of home.  These 10x10 Memory Keepers are currently available in 14 different customizable templates.  Visit to view all the styles and sizes available.

2.  M-Edge "Design Your Own" Tablet or eReader Case ($30 - $50) - These are two custom Kindle cases I created using the M-Edge Store design app.  We actually have a Kindle and a tablet that are very similarly sized, so I was happy to be able to design one monogram case using the tools included in the app and a second case using a photo we had taken of the liger at King Richard's Faire.  I am extremely pleased with how the two cases turned out both front and back.  If your teen is tech-savvy, then he or she is likely to own an android tablet, a Kindle or a Nook, or an iPad and would appreciate a case created just for them.  If you are gifting a tablet or an eReader this Holiday, then this would be the perfect accessory to go along with it.  Visit to view all the customizable tech cases available.

3.  Shainsware Metal Urges Bracelet Kit ($25.00) - This is a bracelet that is made of recycled rubber that can be personalized using the included 33 silvertone letters.  The bracelet kit comes in a compact ready-to-wrap recyclable box that is made of recycled materials.  Although I think the silvertone letters look fantastic on a black bracelet, there are 21 bracelet colors to choose from, including some in translucent glitter.  This would make a perfect gift for any teen who likes to express him or herself.  These bracelets look great layered so you may want to consider purchasing more than one color.  You can even buy additional element packs for more ways to dress up your Shainsware bracelet.  Visit to browse the entire selection of Shainsware accessories.

4.  Kipling Jinan Large Backpack ($109.00) - Kipling USA is a well-known brand of quality crinkle nylon bags in all shapes and sizes.  The Jinan Backpack with its classic unisex style would be a perfect gift for a high school or college student.  This backpack measures 11.5" X 16" X 5.5" and has a built-in padded compartment to hold a laptop, netbook, or a tablet.  There are two features that I love about this backpack . . . it has snaps on the side to close when you are traveling light or to unsnap when you need the extra room and it has a faux buckle closure that hides the actual Velcro closure, which allows for easy access.  The backpack above is pictured in Sporty Blue, but there are additional colors available on the Kipling website and on  Free shipping is currently being offered on both sites for this laptop backpack. Visit to learn more about this and other Kipling bags and luggage.

5.  WallPops! Enamel Frames by Jonathan Adler ($42.99) - These enamel frame wall decals from WallPops! are the perfect thing to create a wall of inspiration in your teen's bedroom, dorm room, or first apartment.  This kit comes with 12 repositionable and removable frames in bright modern colors.  All you need to do is peel them off the sheet and stick them onto your wall over your favorite photo, magazine clipping, or artwork.  There are 2 colors of each of the 6 frame styles.  The smallest frame measures 4-1/4" square and the largest measures 9-1/2" x 7".  These frames are a perfect alternative to putting holes in your walls or resorting to using tape that will ruin your paint or wallpaper.  To learn more about this frame kit, visit  This kit is currently selling on for $32.38 with Free Super Saver Shipping.

6. Blurb Facebook Photo Book or Instagram Photo Book ($10.95 and up) - Since most teenagers are avid users of Facebook and Instagram, a custom photo book filled with their favorite photos would be such a cherished gift.  The Blurb software is free to use on the retail site and is extremely user-friendly.  You can customize the layout on each page or let the software do all the work for you.  You can also add captions and blocks of text.  The front and back covers are also customizable.  If you would like to give your teen the opportunity to create their own book, then a Blurb gift certificate, which can be for any amount between $20 and $500,  would be the perfect choice.  Our 30-page book is 7"x7", has a hardcover with an image wrap (as opposed to a dust jacket), upgraded black end sheets (as opposed to grey), and costs $30.95 (not including sales tax and shipping).  Visit to learn more about all their options for custom photo books.

Although complimentary product samples were sent to facilitate this gift guide, all opinions expressed are my own.