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Silly Monkey Stories: You Have a What on Your Forehead?

Our nearly 6 year old daughter recently had her ears pierced.  I still cannot believe how brave she was.  She barely flinched and there were no tears.  I remember thinking what a big girl she is getting to be and that she will be a tween and then a teen before we know it.

While I was cleaning her pierced ears with hydrogen peroxide one evening, I noticed a little bump on her forehead.  I took a closer look and it looked to me like a tiny pimple.  Do 5 year olds get pimples?  Well, of course she asked me what I was looking at, so I told her that I thought she might have a little pimple on her forehead.  She did not seem overly concerned, but did ask me if it would go away.  I told her that it would.

Then, a little while later, I heard her telling her Dad that she had a Pitbull on her forehead . . .

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