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Pre-order the MG Android Gaming Device for $99 (Retail $169) by September 27th

I could not be more excited about the new MG from PlayMG!!!! My kids ask me every 2 minutes for my mobile phone when they have nothing else to do. Finally I can keep it to myself while the kids occupy themselves with their own device that plays everything my phone can.

Have you checked out the MG yet? You MUST see it. The moment Karen shared this with me I was ecstatic about the whole thing. Go to Kickstarter and check it out. Show your kids, they will go bananas. Heck, I went bananas! My kids aren't ready for a smartphone and can't be trusted with a tablet, the MG is the PERFECT solution.

The MG is a portable gaming device a lot like a mobile phone, but without actually being a phone. It plays the same 60,000+ games available to any phone, both free and paid apps. It is small and designed to be portable but also ergonomic like a game controller. You can preload your account with money so your kids can buy apps without hassling you. The MG can also be set up for parental monitoring.

If you pre-order the MG by September 27th you can save $70!!! This thing is a no brainer for the holidays! Can you tell I am excited about this? Kickstarter is a site that startups can use to help fund their product or service. By making an investment in the product (like the MG) you can earn perks like a fantastic discount or a free MG!

Look for our upcoming review of the MG gaming device coming up this fall!