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Back-to-School Must-Haves: Soffe Activewear Separates for Girls

Having grown up with two brothers, we are still not sure how our 5-1/2 year old daughter turned out to be such a dainty little girl.  As luck would have it, she also happens to be naturally athletic.  Although she has shown no interest in joining the team, she has shown quite a bit of talent in soccer.  She thoroughly enjoys both dance and taekwondo (though she might be the only TKD student in the world who asked her instructor if kicking the bag would chip the nail polish on her toes).  I also would not be surprised if she showed an interest in gymnastics and cheer in the future.  Did I mention that our daughter also loves anything to do with clothes and fashion?

For girls like our daughter, who love to look cute and stylish, but still be comfortable enough to keep up with the boys playing tag at recess, Soffe Kids is the perfect clothing line.  Soffe is a brand that makes clothing for every athlete in the family.  Although nobody would mistake me for an athlete, if the ladies' sweats are as soft and cozy as the girls' are, I might need to buy a set or two for myself.

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The nicely wrapped package above contained two outfits.  The first outfit consisted of the Contrast Fleece Zip Hoodie and the coordinating Contrast Roll Football Capris.  Our daughter normally wears a size 6, but both pieces arrived in a size S, which is equivalent to a size 7.  I was a little worried that the pants would be too large at the waist, but they seemed to fit just fine due to the wide elastic.  This is after we washed all the pieces in cold water and dried them on low heat.  I am rather thrilled because these sweats will last our daughter for a couple of years since she is likely to grow taller, but not too much wider.  Our daughter loved these sweats because they were cuddly soft inside and the contrasting colors in the lining and topstitching made them fun and stylish.

The second outfit consisted of the Rugby Deep V Hoodie and the Print Leggings.  Although I originally requested the dark pink hoodie to match the print in the leggings, I actually like the very neutral light pink.  The hoodie does have a deep V-neck, so I had to layer a black tank underneath, which actually helped to pull the whole outfit together.  I thought this outfit would look adorable with a pair of boots, but our daughter insisted on wearing her new black flats.  Both these pieces are also a size S.  The leggings fit fine at the waist, but were slightly long.  These pieces will also easily fit her for more than one year.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Soffe clothing.  All pieces washed very well and our daughter feels cute and girly in them without sacrificing comfort.  You can shop Soffe's full selection of activewear for men, ladies, juniors, and kids by visiting

Thank you to Soffe for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.