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Silly Monkey Stories: You're Under Arrest!

Last week, while we were at the taekwondo studio for the boys' two classes, our 5-1/2 year old daughter and I were hanging out in the waiting room as usual.  The two classes don't happen simultaneously, but rather one after the other, so we usually have an hour and a half to keep ourselves occupied.  Our daughter's favorite things to do is to draw or color a picture for her Dad and to play with her little wind-up chick toy.

The first time the owner of the school saw this little wind-up chick, he acted like he was startled and afraid of it.  This delighted our daughter to no end.  Since then, she practically stalks the owner with this little chick, winding it up and placing it in his path whenever she gets the chance.  Well, last week the owner acted so frightened that he told our daughter he would have to call the sheriff on her and her chick.  He was just kidding of course, but our daughter wasn't so sure.  She kept watching him to see if he was getting on the phone.

Then about 10 minutes later, a state trooper walked in, all intimidating in his motorcycle boots and fully armed.  Our daughter asked me why there was a policeman at the studio and I told her jokingly that the owner did say he was going to call the sheriff.  Immediately, her face paled and she hid behind me.  I could see the slightest hint of oncoming tears in her eyes, so I reassured her right away that the owner did not really call the sheriff.  Luckily she believed me.

It turned out that the state trooper was the dad of one of the taekwondo students, who had come to class with his grandparents.  He had just stopped in briefly to say hello and was on his way again after 15 minutes or so.

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