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5 Unique Pool Toys & Accessories for the Whole Family

Because our pool belongs to our townhouse community, my family misses out on some of the fun things we would have if we had a private pool.  Someday we will own a house with a private pool and I already know some of the cool pool toys and accessories I would want for it.  Since there is still plenty of summer left, I wanted to share some of the really unique pool products I have come across as a SwimWays ambassador.

1.  Spring Float - This is one of the neat products that we are not allowed to use in our residential pool.  It is a pool float that folds up into a compact carrying case.  When you are ready to use it, the float pops open with its patented spring technology.  The built-in JetValve allows you to inflate (or deflate) the float easily.  The center of this float is actually mesh, so it cradles your body like a hammock.  I like the idea of the mesh because I would think that this float would be less likely to tip over than a raft-style float.  This float is recommended for ages 15+ and normally retails for $29.95.  You will see the Spring Float in a variety of colors, such as blue, white, aqua, and pink.

Through July 30th, you can receive 20% off SwimWay's entire selection of floats when you checkout using Code: FLOAT2012.

2.  Flood Force Water Cannon - This toys is a batter-free kid-powered pool toy that draws water right from the pool so you never need to stop playing to reload.  There is even a cap to keep the water inside the cannon after it's been filled so that you can take the fun outside of the pool.  This toy is recommended for ages 4+, but I imagine that a child would need to be able to crank the cannon one-handed.  You would definitely want to buy two of these if you want to have a fair fight.

3.  Therma Spring Solar Mat - These solar mats absorb the heat from the sun to help decrease evaporation of your pool water while heating your pool at the same time.  Although these mats measure a large 70"x42", they use the same spring technology as the Spring Float above to fold up compactly for storage.

4.  Swim Fin - This shark fin is not only fun, but it is also a flotation aid for children who do not need a swim vest.  The fin straps onto the child securely without the bulkiness of a vest.  This item is recommended for children ages 4+ and is available in both blue and pink.

5.  Baby Tug Boat - Although we do not have infants or toddlers in our household, I just found this tug boat float to be the cutest thing.  This item has a steering wheel and bells just like a real tug boat.  It also has a bottle/sippy cup holder and a canopy to help keep the sun off baby's delicate skin.  This item is recommended for children ages 9 to 24 months and has four adjustable positions to grow with your child.

To learn more about these and other SwimWays products, visit, where you can also find out where to buy SwimWays products both online and locally.  Also visit SwimWays on YouTube to watch video product demonstrations to help you make your buying decisions.

Thank you to SwimWays for providing a complimentary Spring Float for my family and for providing a second Spring Float for our contest prize.

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