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Making the Decision About Elderly Care for Our Parents

When my grandparents were not able to care for themselves any longer, we moved them to an assisted living community. This arrangement worked out very well until my grandfather passed away. My grandmother was not able to care for herself alone. The only option we had was a senior care facility away from her friends and her home. The home was nice, but unfamiliar and not well received by my grandmother.

At the time, in-home care was uncommon and it simply never occurred to us how much the impact of being away from familiar surroundings would affect her. If presented with the same decision today we would almost certainly have chosen homecare instead.

With the infinite information available on the web today, finding all the information we needed to consider selecting home health care agencies would have been easy. I think if and when it is time for us to think about such things for our own parents, my wife and I will have an easier choice to make.