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Silly Monkey Stories: Car Sickness Kit

Our now 5yr old son has had a slight problem with motion sickness in the car since he was an infant.  As he grew older, the instances when he would get sick became less frequent.  I think we are down to maybe once every 6 months now and it usually only happens when he has eaten too much not long before he gets in the car.

After we first noticed a pattern, we put together a car sickness kit to keep in the car at all times.  The kit is a reusable tote that contains a full change of clothes, including socks, a roll of paper towels, wet wipes, some plastic bags, and some antibacterial wipes.

The last "incident" happened on Christmas night on our way home from dinner at my cousin's house.  The minivan was packed full of gifts.  No, our son did not get sick on any of the gifts.  He did, however, throw up right into the car sickness kit, which had been pushed over by his feet to make room for the gifts.  Now, we've learned to keep the kit way over on the other side of the minivan.

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