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Giveaway & Review: CP Toys Baby Tender Touch 12" Doll (ARV $40)

Since our daughter was a toddler, she has owned several baby dolls.  Although she played with them occasionally, she never did play with them regularly.  Perhaps it was because she has two brothers who always wanted to play something else?  Well, now that our daughter is turning 5, her instincts to nurture seemed to have finally kicked in.  Aside from the times when she is attending preschool, this Baby Tender Touch Doll from CP Toys has not left her side.

This doll is a CP Toys Exclusive and is available in four different ethnicities . . . Caucasian, African, Latino, and Asian.  Since our daughter is half Chinese, we chose the Asian baby doll.  She had yet to own an Asian-American doll and I thought she should have at least one.  This 12" doll has soft satiny skin and is safe for children as young as a newborn to play with.  The doll comes with a double-sided blankie and four footed sleepers . . . two short-sleeved and two long-sleeved.  The sleepers are not packaged in the box with the doll, but rather come in a separate plastic bag.  They were very child-friendly.  All the sleepers have a Velcro closure on the back and are not tight-fitting, so our daughter was able to learn how to put them on the doll fairly easily.

Depending on the doll you choose, the face will vary slightly.  This doll has the sweet face of an alert and content infant.  Our daughter loves to play with the doll's soft feeling pudgy hands and feet.

We have owned dolls in a variety of sizes and this 12" doll seems to be the perfect size for a preschooler.  It is the right size for her to carry, whether cradled in her arms or propped against her chest and shoulder.

The blankie is a good size for a security blanket, but I ended up giving my daughter a real receiving blanket to use for swaddling her doll.  I think our daughter would have liked for the doll's eyes to close when laid on her back.  Other than that, this doll is perfect for her.  They have been inseparable since we opened the box.

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Thank you to CP Toys for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing a second product for our contest prize.

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