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Silly Monkey Stories: Organization Preschooler-Style

Every day when our twin preschoolers get home from school, I always let them leave their coat, hat, gloves, socks, and shoes out because we would be needing them again to go meet their big brother at the bus stop in a few hours.  The problem is that they would not leave everything in a neat pile, but rather they would leave everything scattered all throughout the dining room and living room.  When it came time to get ready to go to the bus stop, they would have a hard time finding at least one thing, like their socks that mysteriously ended up under the sofa.

Well for some reason, our daughter picked today to become more organized.  She decided to hang her coat on the door knob of the backdoor (which happens to be 2 feet away from her very own coat hook on the wall).  She carefully stood her boots up on the mat by the backdoor.  She put her socks on the stairs (which are located through the dining room on the other side of the living room).  Then she put her mittens on the back of a dining chair . . .

Yes, everything was still scattered all over the first floor of our house, but they were scattered in a very organized and deliberate fashion.  Nothing was misplaced today, so that is a step in the right direction, right?

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