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Review: Selk'bag 4G Lite Kids Sleepwear System

Sleeping away from home can be an uncomfortable, sometimes chilly, and frustrating experience for some. Selk’bag seeks to eliminate some of those annoyances by introducing a unique product to the market: a person-shaped sleeping bag. It may sound and look funny, but it’s actually very well-made, comfortable, and a great idea for any person who enjoys camping or stays away from home often.

We were sent the Selk’bag 4G Lite for Kids for my oldest son, Avery, in the K2 size. He was thrilled to try something new because Quinn has been benefiting from most of my review products lately and because he gets very cold at night, so anything that saves him from his hot-sleeping family is aces in his book. The Selk’bag Kids Sleepwear System features a nylon, water-resistant shell, hand-warming pockets, zipper closures, leg vents to regulate temperature, and reinforced nylon soles to prevent wear and to give traction when walking on surfaces. It also has a hood for extra warmth and a handy carrying bag for storage and travel.

Avery loves his Selk’bag and I think it’s a much nicer product than I had anticipated. Admittedly, I thought it looked a little silly at first and might not be a useful product for us, but Avery has enjoyed using it both at home and when staying with his grandmother and camping with his dad. He says it is comfy, warm, and he loves all the extra features it includes. I find it to be extremely sturdy and will likely last until he outgrows it.

You can purchase Selk’bags for adults and children on their website,

Thank you to Selk'bag for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.