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The New "A Blog of Goodies" Has Been Unveiled

On New Year's Eve, I had announced that my other blog A Blog of Goodies was going to receive a major makeover.  Well after well over a week of work on this blog redesign, it has finally been finished.  I would love for you to hop over and take a quick peek if you have time.  As I had mentioned in my previous post, this shopping blog will be co-authored by my husband.  There will be no product reviews housed on A Blog of Goodies, with the exception of sharing our experiences with products we have purchased ourselves and have been particularly impressed by.  Other than that, the blog will be light and fun . . . just a place for us to share cool things we find while window shopping online.

So far, both my husband and I are enjoying writing for A Blog of Goodies.  It is a wonderful change of pace for me personally, since there are no deadlines, no schedule to follow, and no contests to manage.  If you are not already a subscriber, you should know that all A Blog of Goodies subscribers receive an extra entry into all contests on 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires.  You can also visit us at A Blog of Goodies on Facebook.