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A School Store for a 5th Grade Fundraiser

Out of all the grades in my son's elementary school, the 5th grade class always seems to have the most activity as far as fundraising goes. They frequently host evening events at the school where they offer organized activities, but also offer baked goods and raffles. One of the smartest fundraising ideas they have, however, is the school store.

When you think about custom printing services, such as Printrunner, you may tend to have business cards and brochures printing come to mind. A service like this is where the school store gets most of the goods they sell, including items like school logo pens, magnets, and more. All the items are priced at anywhere from fifty cents to two dollars. Each of the classrooms in the school has assigned days throughout the month where they are allowed to visit the school store, so the parents can send their child to school with a little spending money. This is not only a great way for the 5th graders to learn to run a business, but also a fun way for students from the younger grades, like my 1st grader, to practice the responsibility of carrying, spending, and counting money.

When I was in school, I remember not being able to work in the school store until I was in 8th grade. I think the 5th graders in this school have proven that they are more than capable of handling money and making change. What a great educational fundraising idea!