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Review: Faux Leather Rectangular Storage Ottoman for $79

Last month, I had this idea for better Lego Duplo blocks storage by using a rectangular storage ottoman that has a built-in tray. Well, we have been able to test this idea out for 3 or 4 weeks and, so far, I have to say it is working out rather well. In fact, I had not realized how much I missed having the convenience of a coffee table until we added this ottoman to our living room configuration.

This faux leather ottoman measures a roomy 35-1/4"W x 17-3/4"D x 17-3/4"H. The padded top makes it a comfortable bench for extra seating. It is perfect for sitting on to play video games because it leaves a path for other members of the household to walk behind, rather than being forced to cut in front of a player who is sitting on the sofa. The top flips over and becomes a sturdy tray that nestles right into the ottoman securely. It is a great place to put a drink and a snack because it has a lip all around to contain accidental spills and it wipes clean easily. This ottoman has a solid wood frame that can easily hold the weight of an adult. I loved that it came ready-to-use straight out of the box.

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The top has two sets of handles. One pair is two faux leather handles that are used to lift the top out of the base when the top is wedged into the base padded side up. It is only meant lift the top slightly so you can get your hand around the edge. Our first grader, who is strong enough to flip the top over on his own, actually broke one of these handles because he was using them to lift the whole weight of the top. The second set of handles are cutouts at each end of the tray and allows you to lift the top when it is tray side up.

We use to have our Lego blocks in two large utility storage drawers and one storage cube. Everything fit inside this ottoman with a little room to spare. This even includes all our larger pieces, like train tracks and other specialty parts. The tray even offers the children a flat surface on which to build.

I think this Convenience Concepts Broadway Storage Bench (or something similar) would be a great way to store any toys you would like to keep out of site. It is a constant struggle to keep our living room from looking like a playroom. This very nice looking storage ottoman put us one giant step closer to keeping our living room adult-friendly.

Currently, you can purchase this ottoman on for $79 with Free Ground Shipping.

This product was partially purchase with a gift certificate from CSN Stores, which I had received as a thank you for participating in a past CSN Stores campaign.