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Holiday 2010 Review: Lazoo Children's Clothing & Activity Books

products for twins TWINtuitive Product #31

I chose these Lazoo children's shirts to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because the designs on these layered long-sleeve t-shirts are bold, colorful, and allow both boys and girls to express their personality. I love to dress our twins similarly, but not identically. Whether you have same sex twins or boy-girl twins like me, I think you will have fun dressing your pair in Lazoo clothing.

Both our shirts were machine washed inside-out and dried on low heat. We had no problems with any of the embellishments coming off on my daughter's shirt, nor was there any pilling, fading, or shrinking. As of November 2010, Lazoo clothing for children is sold exclusively in Babies"R"Us stores in sizes 6 month to 4T.

Lazoo also offers equally as fun and colorful children's activity books. We were sent Squiggles! and Incredible Stickers! Originally I gave the Squiggles! book to my nearly 4 year old daughter because she is an incredible artist and just loves to draw. In the end, she ended up wanting to share the Incredible Stickers! book with her twin brother, which worked out just fine.

The Lazoo Incredible Stickers! Activity Book has such a brilliant concept behind it. It takes everyday foods and shows them larger than life, helping your child to see them differently. For example, my son's page showed a cabbage leaf, which has arteries that can be envisioned as interconnecting and parallel streets.

My daughter's page was the top of a whole watermelon, which resembled an island. There are several pages of stickers towards the back of the book. Each section of stickers is color-coded and numbered so that it is easy to know which page in the book they go with. This book retails for $7.95 and is worth every penny in my opinion. When the twins are done with all the pages, they will have created a very fun book together.

Lazoo books can be purchased on the Lazoo website, as well as on and at Borders Books.

Thank you to Lazoo for sending us complimentary product samples to base this review upon.