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Review: "Life As We Know It" is a Fun Date Night Movie

Last Saturday night, my husband and I attended a screening of the movie Life As We Know It, which opens nationwide on Friday, October 8th. I really wanted to see this film because I have been a big fan of Josh Duhamel since his days on All My Children. I had to practically drag my husband to the movie and I do not think he would have gone if I did not have passes for the screening. In the end, he was glad he went and had to admit that he enjoyed the movie very much.

Life As We Know It is a romantic comedy starring Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) that achieved what many romantic comedies do not . . . it offers a male character that not only appeals to women, but also to the men in the audience. The character of Messer (Josh Duhamel) is a lady's man who somewhat lacks class, but is still well-liked. After one blind date gone wrong, Messer and Holly (Katherine Heigl) found themselves to be Godparents to their best friends' baby girl. Following a tragic car accident, these arch nemeses are promoted to co-guardians of the little girl Sophie, creating an instant family neither wanted. Both actors were well-casted, as were the supporting roles. Without the quirky neighbors and social worker, this film would not have been as much fun as it was.

Below is a trailer, which gives you a sample of what to expect from this film . . .

I think Life As We Know It makes an excellent date night movie. As an experienced parent, there is nothing more fun than watching first time parents discover the ups and downs of caring for an infant.

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