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Look Who's Coming for Dinner!

Look who is going to make a surprise appearance at our house! It's BIGFOOT the Monster from Fisher-Price's Imaginext line. Our children have been fascinated by him since we saw him at Toys R Us recently. Now that the BIGFOOT the Monster television ads have been running, he is all our 3-1/2 year old son can talk about. What an enormous surprise it's going to be when BIGFOOT shows up at our house.

Please take a minute to watch this footage of BIGFOOT the Monster in the city of Manhattan . . .

Of course, it's the little BIGFOOT that will be coming to our house. I do not believe the big one will fit through our front door. Look for our review of BIGFOOT the Monster later on this fall.

Although we will be receiving a sample toy to facilitate our upcoming review, no compensation was received for sharing this video with our readers.