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BlogHer 2010: Celebrities & Cultural Icons

I know I have a whole other day of networking to do, but some of the highlights of my time at BlogHer 2010 has been seeing some famous faces. Below are a small handful of photos I have taken during Thursday night's and Friday's events of a few celebrities and cultural icons, such as the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

On Saturday, I hope to track down Playskool's Mrs. Potato Head and perhaps Elmo to take a photo with. In addition to the photos I took with Dora the Explorer and Boots, plus the one I took with the My Little Pony cutout (sorry, I do not have a digital copy to share), I think if I could get a photo with those two as well, my twin preschoolers will be in awe of their mommy.

Chef Scott Leibfried (from Hell's Kitchen) at the Bumblebee Event on 8/5

Padma Lakshmi (of Top Chef) at a Hillshire Farm Sandwich Making Cook-Off

Nick Jr.'s Dora the Explorer, Boots, Me, and Today's Girl Doll Katie

Actually, the Today's Girl Doll Katie from Constructive Playthings has accompanied me in sighting all these famous faces except Chef Scott. Unfortunately, Katie missed out on all the evening events since they all ran much later than her bedtime.

Thank you to Constructive Playthings for generously sponsoring me for BlogHer 2010.