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Living Green With Jerinda: TerraCycle eco-Boombox Speakers

Mercury Innovations has teamed up with TerraCycle to make unique, “upcycled” accessories for mp3 players. I was sent a Skittles Eco-Boombox for my iPod.

I love that the package was shipped flat so it was less bulky, making it a less wasteful way to ship. Plus, the packaging was minimal. As an eco-conscious person, my only issue with the shipping was the Styrofoam peanuts that were included, which were useless, toxic, and very wasteful, in my opinion. My suggestion for the company would be to look into a more eco-friendly version such as packing peanuts that are not made out of Styrofoam and dissolve completely in water, air packets made with recyclable plastic, or not using any fillers at all.

Putting the cardboard boombox together was just a matter of folding the cardboard out by using the simple instructions that were included. I opted to tape the bottom of the boombox together so it would sit flat on the table.

This product is just speakers, so it uses no batteries to function and it connects to any headphone jack. I have used it with my iPhone 4 and my son’s iPod. The sound quality is good and both fit in the holder well. We’ve had a blast with it because it’s lightweight, works well, and requires no effort to use. Also my kids love the Skittles wrapping on the outside. It’s a great product and works well for the price of $19.99 .

The product selection at is not limited to eco-friendly speakers, but also includes cases and accessories for your Blackberry, iPhone, and more. Sign up for the Merkury Innovations newsletter to keep up with their latest products and promotions.

Thank you to Merkury Innovations for sending us a sample product free of charge to base this review upon.