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Getting Ready for BlogHer: Fun Activity Books, Charging Mat, and More

Since I am traveling with my husband and oldest son to BlogHer this year, there are many more things I need than if I were going by myself. Luckily for us, there are tons of companies out there with lots of great suggestions for products that will help make traveling as a family easier and more enjoyable.

One of my biggest concerns is keeping our 6 year old son entertained during down times. I do not want him just sitting and watch television in the hotel and, although he will probably have at least one electronic game with him, I do not want to rely solely on something that runs on batteries. My husband will not be too happy if he had to go looking for batteries in a strange city an hour before bedtime.

Candlewick Press has many new activity books that are perfect for entertaining children who are traveling or are just at home on a rainy day. We will be taking the following two titles with us on our trip to NYC . . .

Judy Moody's Way Wacky Uber Awesome Book of More Fun Stuff to Do (Written by Megan McDonald, Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds) - This book is perfect for a child in early grade school. It requires a lot of reading and a little bit of writing. The reading is fun and whimsical. These books are written from the point of view of a 3rd grader, so I know my son will enjoy the silliness. Activities in this book include doodling, puzzles, fun facts, quizzes, easy crafts, and more. Flipping through, I really do not think there is a repeat of the same activity twice.

Where's Waldo?: The Ultimate Travel Collection (By Martin Handford) - This 152 page book is filled cover to cover with Waldo. Some of them are classic Where's Waldo? puzzles, but there some extra large puzzles that fold out with a checklist of 100+ things or people to find. I know this will keep my son occupied and I hope he'll find Where's Waldo? puzzles as addictive as I have. One thing I love about this book is that, although it is a paperback, the cover is extra strong and it comes with an attached elastic to either keep the book shut during traveling or to be used as a bookmark. This book is great for a preschooler all the way up to an adult.

Radius Toothbrush was nice enough to send us three sets of Radius Intelligent Toothbrushes with Travel Cases. These toothbrushes have built-in 2-minute timers, reminds you to check for bristle-wear after 180 uses, and are suitable for both right and left-handed brushers. The Intelligent Toothbrush is recommended for ages 6 and up, so they were perfect for our traveling trio. (Look for my review after our trip!)

Powermat USA will be sending us this Powermat Portable Mat and all the accessories we will need to charge our two mobile phones and one bluetooth headphone at the hotel. I cannot wait to try this wireless charging system. (Look for my review this fall!)

Lands' End will be sending us a FlightWise 22" Upright Carry-On suitcase. It was just what we needed since we are traveling with three people. This piece of luggage only weighs 5lbs! I bet our 6 year old could pull this if we pack lighter items in it. My favorite feature is the padded laptop pocket! (Look for my review this fall!)

Thank you to Candlewick Press for sending us sample books free of charge to base this article upon.