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Review: Dynamic SQUARES "Print-N-Frame" Picture Frames

I have always thought that men are much more difficult to buy for than women. That is why I dread Father's Day every year. I would say that my father probably has enough sport logo t-shirts and polo shirts to last him three lifetimes. This year, I was thrilled to come across this unique square picture frame that would be perfect for any grandparent. Read on to see what makes this frame so different from any other you have ever seen . . .

The Dynamic Print-N-Frame makes the perfect kids art frame because it holds an 8.5"x11" piece of paper perfectly. If your children love to draw pictures or create and print them on the computer to give to their loved ones, then this frame would be perfect for your household.

There are two things I absolutely love about this frame. The first thing is that it is front loading. You only need to unlock and swing open the front to change the picture inside. I cannot tell you how much I dislike framing photos because I always get fingerprints, dust, or pet hair stuck inside or outside the glass when I lay it down to take the backing off. You do not even have to touch the glass to use this frame.

The second thing I love about this frame is that it stores up to fifty 8.5"x11" pieces of paper inside. Your child could draw a new picture everyday for a month and half! This is why I think this picture frame would make a great gift for a grandparent's home or for Dad's office. It is a perfect way to show off the artwork they receive and they do not have to bear the guilt of throwing away old drawings when a new masterpiece is presented to them.

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The lock that keeps the frame shut is very easy to use. It only needs to be turned to release the front panel and turned again the other way to lock it. This 17"x17" frame is very sturdy and heavy. That is why it comes with extra hardware for hanging and has two sawtooth hangers built into the back for each direction it hangs. Yes, the frame and the 7.5"x7.5" matted area is square, but the frame needs to be turned depending on whether the picture is horizontal or vertical.

I think that my Dad is really going to love this Father's Day gift! The Dynamic Print-N-Frame retails for $42.95, but is $32.21 (25% off) through June 30th, 2010. If you have more than one child, you could purchase one for each child to showcase their artwork. I think it would look very nice to have these frames hung horizontally in a row along a hallway or above a sofa.

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Thank you to Dynamic Frames for sending us a sample frame free of charge to base this review upon.