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Constructive Playthings Launches Its "Constructive Moms" Ambassador Program

Constructive Playthings recently announced the members of its new group of Constructive Moms. This group of twelve mom bloggers will be your direct link to Constructive Playthings' promotions, discounts, new products, toy reviews and giveaways. I am proud to report that I will have the honor of being one of the first twelve Constructive Moms. This team will be headed by our own fellow-blogger Lee of My Sentiments ExactLee.

Please take a minute to meet all twelve Constructive Moms . . .

Keri (Toy Queen)

Melissa (Consumer Queen)

Dwan (MommaDJane)

Bridgette (Experimental Mommy)

Kimberly (Raising Olives)

I look forward to working with these wonderful bloggers and to bringing exciting content to my readers.