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Review: Hasbro Playskool Dance Cam

Twintuitive Product #10

I chose this plug and play toy to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because I think it is a good investment . . . i.e. one toy that will provide enjoyment for twins or even triplets. The Playskool Dance Cam is geared towards preschoolers, but really it can delight a toddler who is capable of making the connection that they are looking at themselves on the screen. Also, my kindergarten has a blast with it, so it is a toy that will last at minimum a few years if you decide to purchase it for a younger child. Even adults like to watch themselves dance in a mirror, so this has a similar appeal to a child.

What we thought of our Dance Cam:

1) All 3 of our children, toddlers and kindergartner alike, were thrilled to see themselves on television.

2) The unit itself is very user-friendly. There are only 4 buttons on the unit, which are color-coded to match the commands on the screen.

3) This toy really helps your children burn their excess energy and it makes them do it in one location rather than running from room to room. This is a great indoor toy for when it is too hot, too wet, or too cold to play outside.

4) The selection of music is upbeat and fun. I think my 5yr old enjoyed attempting to follow the dance steps the different cartoon characters were trying to teach him. (I included a photo album in the video below so you can see for yourself.)

5) The video quality is far from being high definition, but it is good enough for a child's toy. My children are not going to have more fun because the picture is sharper.

6) I'm not sure if it's possible, but one improvement I would suggest is to have the Free Style screen have a menu for some music selections. This way it would still be the child's choice, but it would be an all-in-one package. The way it is now, an adult would need to turn on the radio or put some music in the CD player for the children to have something to dance to.

7) I also want to add that this toy is very durable because it has been dropped several times by my children. Even though it's not a hands-on toy, it must scream "Pick me up!" to my three.

As someone who does like to dance in front of the mirror, I appreciate this toy as much as my children. It is a great way for a child to let loose and perhaps even build confidence. You can find the Playskool Dance Cam online on and ToysRUs or locally at many retailers where Playskool toys are sold.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing us with a review product free of charge.