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For Better or For Worse: Feeling the Stress

You can probably feel the chaos just coming to my blog this week. We just launched a month-long giveaway event with two new contests starting every day for two weeks. In preparation for this event, I had been writing more reviews than ever last month.

For all this to be possible, my husband has been a lifesaver in occupying the children and taking care of the meals and other chores. As much stress as I am feeling, I think his stress levels are up there also. I know only too well that it's not easy being around three young children for most of the day, one day after another.

Sometimes I think my husband is better at juggling the house and the kids than I am. There are a few ways in which he is more efficient. For example, he can carry both twins at once, which is something I cannot do. And just yesterday, he was yelling at our son Jake, who is usually making trouble with our younger son Luke. Only instead of saying Jake, my husband called out, "Juke!" Even though this was a slip of the tongue, I think there is a possibility that it might stick. After all, that's much more efficient than yelling "Jake and Luke!" five times in a row, right?