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Giveaway Winners: ecoTimeToys GC & "Get Cool For School" #1 - #6

We have one contest to draw for today. The first 6 "Get Cool For School" contests have been drawn and the winners have all been emailed. I will list out the winners here because there are a few prizes that still need to be claimed. First let's see who won the GC to . . .

Out of 662 entries, the winner of the $50 ecoTimeToys GC contest is . . .

True Random Number Generator Result: 497
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Heather M said...
Entered Get Cool for School #23
August 14, 2009 2:33 PM


Winners of the Get Cool For School Giveaways #1 - #6
Out of 2558 entries
#1142 Barbara Leatham
Out of 2511 entries
#1573 Rebekah Arnold
Out of 1288 entries
1st Prize - #1187 Lisa C Liu
2nd Prize - #1089 Aurelia Casson
Out of 1960 entries
1st Prize - #423 Briann Neeley
(7) 2nd Prizes:
#1246 rebekah arnold
#1303 Cori Westphal
#603 Beth Maus
#961 Stefanie Hartman
#1145 Shawn Correa
#189 Heather McDougle
#363 Briann Neeley
Out of 1166 entries
1st Prize - #841 rebekah arnold
(4) 2nd Prizes:
#204 Karen crossinmama6[at]att[dot]net
#1136 Lea trixpixel[at]gmail[dot]com
#291 Barbara bleatham[at]gmail[dot]com
#518 Raji rajikarthik[at]hotmail[dot]com
Out of 1392 entries
1st Prize - #1282 Veronica Garrett
(3) 2nd Prizes:
#1290 Lisa C Liu
#1259 Joanne Schultz
#261 Sylvia White

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter these contests! Please make sure you claim your prizes within 48 hours from when the notification emails were sent. All unclaimed prizes will be awarded to a new winner.