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Mommy Confessions: In the Heat of the Night

We've had a very strange summer weather-wise in Massachusetts. Normally by now, we would have had 10 or 11 days over 90 degrees, but this year we've only had four. The majority of those were in the past few days, which is what brought about this feeling of guilt.

I Confess . . .

Even though it was awfully hot and humid during the past few nights, I made my children sleep with just fans on and no air conditioning (except for the one night that my husband insisted). The reason I don't want them to use the air conditioner is because it is loud and we would have to keep the kids' bedroom door mostly shut. Even with a monitor, I am paranoid that we will not hear them because we have our own window and ceiling fans on. So that's it. I make them sleep with using just fans even though I know they'd be more comfortable with the air conditioning just because I am nervous I won't hear them well enough to wake up if they needed me.

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