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Kindergartner-In-Training: Scrambled Sentences

One activity that Jake is actually very good at is "Scrambled Sentences." He finds this learning activity much easier than unscrambling words. The concept of this activity is pretty basic, but it does take some time to prepare for it.

To help me set up, I Googled parts of speech and found a site that listed out the most popular words from each part. Then I used the backs of outdated business cards to write as many words as I could to cover each part of speech. So I wrote one word on each card, making sure to use words that were fairly easy to read and to include names of people Jake knows and objects relevant to his world. You don't have to use business cards. You can use paper that is only printed on one side and cut them into squares or rectangles.

Here are some examples of sentences I have used for this activity . . .

So I would fish out the words that I need from my box of cards and then I would lay them out on the dining room table out of order for Jake. I always start by asking him to read each word to make sure he knows what each one says. Then I let him work on his own to reorder the words. When he thinks he has the sentence solved, I would ask him to read the sentence. This usually shows him any error he's made in the order. Sometimes it takes Jake one or two tries and sometimes it takes him five tries. It all depends if the particular sentence clicks for him right away or not.